Thursday, December 1, 2016

McLeod's Family Crypt

This is not where Voldemort was brought back to life.

It is the ancestral burying ground of the Clan McLeod. 

On a foggy, Voldemort-like day.

Here, at the tomb of one of the Chiefs of the Clan, you can see the clan crest.

Another chieftain.

More crests and chiefs. 

Coincidentally, our earliest known McLeod ancestor is also named Kenneth McLeod! The names Norman, Kenneth and Donald, among others, appear frequently in the clan. Donald Trump's grandmother was a McLeod...

Cemetery Vibes.

St. Mary's church is an ancient church that was among the first Christian buildings on the Isle of Skye. Christian monks from Ireland established the religion among the Celtic people. 

This is the coastline of the town Dunvegan. A mile from this spot is the ancestral castle of the McLeod's--Dunvegan castle, the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland. The McLeod's have lived there for over 800 years and counting.

Zoom in for more info ^ on our family!

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