Sunday, December 18, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

We love you! We're very excited to be seeing your face in live time, and in speaking with you after seven months. Breyer asks me every other day how much longer. It doesn't matter what time you call, except if you can avoid our church time, from ten to noon.  Tanner would like to be in on the Christmas call, which he said is easy if we use google hangouts. You don't need to download anything. Just go hangouts online, sign in with your church email and create a call with invites to and Let us know how we can do this.

Your siblings are officially out of school as of their half day Friday. Tomorrow morning when there's no seminary, or practice, or early morning breakfasts, or making lunches, it will seem more real.

Dad's still trying to catch up from the semester, and tithing settlement. Hopefully he'll be able to surface soon and have a vacation of sorts.

Breyer's game yesterday was fun. Fun to watch, fun to watch, fun to watch. Breyer's improved a lot. She's a good dribbler, did great on rebounds, and will have to work on getting strong enough to make a basket. She told me yesterday, while driving to her game, "Mom, when us women go out to recess, we talk about fashion." And, I found out fashion means who has the prettiest dress, and who smells the best.

The crazy Whitcomb gang

Miller had two great games. He scored all but two baskets in the first game, and all of the points in his second. He told me he remembered not to play very good in the first game, first quarter, so he wouldn't have to sit on the bench for the second quarter, but forgot in the second game, and was chosen to sit out.

Sawyer still likes to go fishing. He was able to go yesterday, when it was 73. By the time Dad could go, it was almost down to the low of 18, and they both came running back home. Fifty degrees in one day is a huge difference! Winter is here. Sawyer had his Christmas concert this week. He did great, even had a solo. He's second chair, the only boy, and the only seventh grader in the top seven.

Cooper is gearing up for the visitors to arrive, as he is in the guest room. He got his cleaning orders this weekend, and is a good sport about giving up his new king size bed.

Porter has arrived. He pulled an all night cleaning of his dorm before he flew, and then had a 90 minute flight delay. Add in a little bit of Dallas traffic, and he got in a lot later than planned. But he's here. He's already played basketball with the ward men, slept until three, scooped Sawyer for a shake run, snuck off for a shopping trip, and showed up at Breyer's game. He's also made contact with friends from high school and went to church. It's great to have him back in the house, making us all laugh.

I've enjoyed the few Christmas cards that have dribbled in here and there. Some come as postcards with one sentence, letting you know they're alive. Others have come in via email exuding more love than a 5'x5' package under the tree. Some are from friends who remember and love you. Fred Hill from Big Ugly made us laugh. The Nixon's made us cry. It's not easy to read about the trials friends have experienced through the year. But every one expressed love for the Savior, and His birth. Tis the season. You're the reason some can hear about Him year round.

Be careful. Remember we love you. Let us know.




Bachland :) said...

All smiles and looking forward to trying out that new king sized bed of Cooper's!

The Renaissance Man said...

I love that last line mom:),