Sunday, December 4, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

She's home! Your cousin finished strong, and my twin has been enjoying her all week. They even waited to celebrate Thanksgiving until they could do it with all members present. I spoke with her briefly. So sweet!

We received this lovely note about you from Iclea Lannes from the Itaperuna Branch. "We are very blessed to have him in our small branch , he is such a nice young man, with a strong testimony and great love for the people he is serving. I have the opportunity to go out with him and his companion to visit some of his investigators and what an experience! He is kind, polite, generous and  friendly, he takes the time to listen to everyone. We can feel that he is a servant of the Lord. Several times when I looked at him playing the piano, bearing his testimony or giving a talk, I see a great leader. I wish you and your family all the best. Transfers are coming this Tuesday and I hope he stays a little bit longer with us. Thanks for being the mother you are, your son has been blessing the life of many  people." So, so sweet. Thank you for this gift. I'm so thankful I'm your mother.

I also received this picture today. So good I think I'll use it for the annual Christmas card ;-)

Speaking of Christmas, I am wondering if you can call after 5:30 p.m. our time. I'll be home by then, and don't want to miss your call. Can you work around this time?

News in the world this week? Trump meet with Romney for the second time but still no word on his appointment. Trump did pick a possible US secretary of defense, who went by the military call sign "Chaos," and who has been compared to Patton, retired Marine Gen. James "Mad Dog"Mattis. (CNN) He's "revered by his troops as a "warrior monk" with a knack for hard-edged quips, led troops in Afghanistan in 2001, won laurels for leadership in one of the bloodiest battles of the Iraq War and most recently headed US Central Command, perhaps the military's most complicated and challenging post."

Breyer had her first basketball and game this week. Funny! She doesn't know how to dribble, shoot or pass, but she's got heart. And she thinks. By the time her game was over, she was the only girl who dribbled the ball end zone to end zone, and the only one who attempted to rebound. She's not strong enough to make a basket, but she's getting closer. In between those moments of brilliance she looks at the colored wrist band they put on her, used to indicate which girl on the opposing team she should guard. She gets excited when she is given purple instead of gray. She stops and listens to the parents cheering in the stands. And if she heard them cheering for her, she got bashful, putting her tongue in her cheek.

Breyer's moment of the week came when she saw Miller pull out the GI Joe bucket. She grabbed her Barbie, one of the Joe's, and ran off to play. A few minutes later, I find her with 8 rolls of toilet paper, and Barbie and Joe each inside their own tube of toilet paper, holding hands.

Actually, she has more than one moment. Last night she was having a Larry moment, and said, "Mom, five year old girls can be friends with adults too." Yes they can.

Miller also had his first practice and game. He's fun to watch,he's so quick! He always comes up with the ball. He hasn't played too much ball since last season, so his shots are a bit off, but he was the leading scorer in his game.

Sawyer had a home game as well as a two day tournament. He is almost at a 100% for his free throws, hitting 7 out of 8, the last two on a technical for the opposing team player pushing him in the back in the middle of a lay up. They placed 3rd out of 8th in the tourney, because he severely jammed two fingers in the first play of the tournament game, and was not able to contribute that game, which they lost. They won the rest, and he had the winning shot in the last game.

Your grandfather was honored by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission for his pioneering efforts in getting his department accredited, one of the first in the State of Massachusetts. He had a vision when he took over the Northborough Police Department, including accreditation and a new station. He and your grandmother traveled to the Cape for the award, and were able to spend the night before traveling home.

I had jury duty this week, excited to serve in my community. I had a no show. Disappointing.

Have you seen the Church's Light the World campaign? I think it's brilliant. Our missionaries challenged us to do something every day. They laughed when I told them my loves and fish fed them dinner.

Your siblings are excited for Christmas. Because we can see and talk with you. They are more than ready for you to come home. Me too. Your Christmas package probably won't arrive on time. I'm sorry. I took longer than I wanted to fill it, as I had just sent one to you with your contacts. Know of our love for you.

Be safe.



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