Sunday, December 11, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark. and Boys,

I almost began my letter with "Dear Boys," but knowing I can only communicate with you by email, chose to address the letter to you. The news of the week? I flew home to Boston to visit family. I left from work and went straight to the airport, arriving on Brigham St. after 1 a.m. I think I flew in after 11 p.m. but had to ride a shuttle to the car rental agency. Grampy woke up to greet me, and I found your Uncle Ben on the couch. He had surprised them that morning by coincidentally flying in as well.

As I was driving from the airport to your grandparents' home on the final stretch, at 1 a.m., the beauty of a New England fall was visible in the lights from my car. The pine needles and leaves laying on the side of the black, winding asphalt road, were beautiful, glowing even, from the trees that are now mostly bare. I love coming home.

The next morning I walked along the golf course and found a ball for you. The greens were covered with a small layer of snow, very peaceful. I helped your grandmother finish her Christmas decorations. Most were decorations I hadn't seen, but I unpacked her nativity, which brought back so many fond memories from my youth. I remember when she glazed them and brought them home, and  how the season hadn't begun until baby Jesus was in the cradle. Mom invited Aunt Jenny, and your cousin Sara fresh from California for lunch, with Uncle Aaron joining Uncle Ben and Grampy. He brought his own lunch thinking our smorgasbord from the refrigerator wasn't so interesting.

That night we drove to New Hampshire to see Stevie play basketball. What a game! Even though Gilford lost, Stevie had 23 points and 22 rebounds. She was a beast, even with an injured hip.

Friday Mom had another lunch for Aunt Shirley and the Bachs. I told Mom she's a social-a-holic. She sure sets a beautiful table! Gathering together with food is such a wonderful ritual. Aunt Shirley shared the pictures.

I walked to the Northborough Police station to say hello to some friends> Aunt Jenny came over inbetween children errands. How come I've never noticed we have a Ken-Jen-Ben? They are funny
Friday evening, late!, we played Mexican Train with Uncle Aaron and Aunt Rachael. He made us stay until we finished all twelve rounds, and it was very late. But well worth the three hours I might have been sleeping.

Saturday morning I went to the temple with your grandparents and Uncle Ben, and was there for your newest cousin, whose adoption with the state went through this week, when she was sealed to her parents. McKenzie is a joy. Her blind eyes see more than most, and her hair is addictive. I've gleaned many things from my siblings over the years, but Becky will always be known for her love for those who are rejected by others. This is her third special needs adoption.

Your Uncle Ben loves his wife, gets up very early every morning to have prayer and read scriptures with his family. Who cares if he goes back to bed for a few?

Now I'm home. It was a long wait at the airport for a plane that was late, and between the rental car return and the drive home, it was 9 p.m. This morning began painfully early. Your family survived without me for a few days. I appreciate their efforts to pitch in and help while I was gone.

Porter's big news of the week? He's opening his mission papers. He met with his Bishop today, and Dad will finish what he needs to begin his application.

I'm grateful for families, especially mine. and ours. I'm thankful for you, my son. Be good. Be careful. Be happy.



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Bachland :) said...

What a wonderful letter, and it was so good to see you! We can hardly wait another 8 days to see our Texas Family.