Sunday, October 16, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, Porter and friends,

The weather this week caused concern all over. There was unusual tornadic activity and strong winds that toppled trees in the dark on the northwest coast, massive disaster after hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti also caused wide spread flooding in the Carolinas, typhoon Sariki dumped twenty inches of rain in the Philippines. I haven't heard anything so exciting in Brazil, for which I'm grateful. The world is in upheaval in more ways than one.

Shootings and shootings of police officers continue unabated, violent crime is on the rise, and the presidential election is a disaster. Every day I watch mostly women and children walk up the sidewalk to the seventh largest prison in the United States, visiting their family member, husband, son, brother, in jail.  As turmoil increases in my life, even just from being aware of what's happening all around me, knowing we have the gospel in our lives, and a knowledge of our Savior and His plan of salvation, brings that perfect peace that so many in the world are lacking. Thank you for your service. Knowing you're serving, in a force of good nearly seventy-five thousand strong, brings light back into my life, and makes me wonder anew what more should I be doing.

We've finished another round of antibiotics for strep, and hopefully will determine whether or not Miller is a carrier by having him tested. Tomorrow. He and Dad are so thrilled with that assignment. I'm grateful for modern day medicine!

Your Texas aunt came and spent Friday evening and Saturday morning with us. What a delight! She was on a long, round-about way to visit your cousin, thriving in his university life in Dallas. We appreciate her efforts. Sawyer got a fishing partner, I had a walking buddy, and Breyer a new soccer fan.

Breyer still loves school. Not so much the bus rides. She says it's too hot, and she's too hungry. Last night she came into the bedroom, having a bad dream because her braid had come undone. 

Sawyer still fishes. And he still is the only one who catches. Your father cracks me up. It's the location. It's the lure. It's the rod. It's  Sawyer. He's just a bit above average.

Miller has been saving his pennies for a while, and was finally able to order a very basic drone. He has looked forward to the day when I used my card, on his behalf, and will be watching the mail all week. Cooper too saved and ordered, and crashed and burned after a week or two, in a tree across the street.

Cooper, Sawyer and Dad went to the Bell Helicoptor Fort Worth Alliance Airshow. They learned the difference between wing walker (walks up to the wing) and wing glider (already secured on the wing). There were obvious differences between the airshow and those put on by the military, but one constant remained the same. The sun. They were lobsters when they got home last night. And so tired. I'm sure pictures will be coming soon, but know it was one of those kind of male bonding, couldn't be better, kind of days.

Cooper decided at the last minute the stake costume dance might be fun to attend, and stayed up late Friday night making his costume: a unique Iron Man, in a suit, with his chest lit up underneath his shirt. I hope we have pictures. He went straight from the air show, so his Iron Man version was sunburned. 

Porter sent you a little note last week. I don't know if you saw it, as it was added after I hit the enter button, so I sent it again. He loves you dearly. He's thriving on campus. He loves his roommate, and calls him his other brother. Two times so far this semester I've received calls from an unknown person, letting me know they've found his wallet. This week it was his dance instructor. He needs to pick up the take-a-picture-of-Porter-for-his-mother habit, soon. I miss seeing his face. His famous sightings this week include Gladys Knight, who was in town over the weekend.His cheek is still burning from her kiss. And, she netted him the weekly Stud, vs. Dud, award. He's won Stud the last three out of four weeks. This week's Dud went to a boy who asked four girls to homecoming, and they all said no. He threw out a Dud moment, and got second place for getting hit on his bicycle by a car. He's fine. As is the bike.

We enjoyed his phone call tonight. He always makes your Dad laugh. Just like you and Tanner. He showed us all the free things he's collected while at school, and modeled the college athlete look. He's been on ESPN three times. He even had a classmate from Granbury text to ask him if he had actually seen Porter.

Found a nice picture of your grandparents on Facebook...don't they look wonderful?

Your grandparents are great examples of Elder Robert D. Hales conference talk, "Come, Follow Me” by Practicing Christian Love and Service. He said, "As the Savior’s latter-day disciples, we come unto Him by loving and serving God’s children. Our Christian love and service naturally begin in the home. if we have not fully done so yet, let us turn more toward forgiveness, kindness, and love. Let us renounce the war that so often rages in the heart of the natural man and proclaim Christ’s caring, love, and peace. We follow Him by loving and serving one another and keeping His commandments."

Of which you are doing. And we're striving to do more here.

May you have a wonderful week! I hope your box arrives! Be good. Stay safe.



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