Monday, October 3, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, Porter and our missionaries,

The weather has finally turned in Texas. From mid to high 90's, two weeks too long, to low to mid 80's, with the nightly low sometimes dipping just below 60. With that 30 degree swing, the mornings feel cool, and the evenings oh so pleasant. Makes you want to be up at both ends of the day, outside. On one of my walks, I heard the New England geese. Some early arrivals in one of the ponds were adjusting to their new environs. Made me miss home. I've been able to enjoy them from Massachusetts to Texas on different legs of their journey, and am always amazed at their ability to navigate their way home. Reminded me of General Conference this weekend, how knowing the messages are coming, and then when we're immersed in that sweet spirit, I feel the same kind of feelings when I go home. I feel love, I feel protected, I feel missed, I feel wanted and needed. Fall is a wonderful time of the year.

Elder Holland's thoughts on visiting others was my thought to share with you today. He said, "We would hope that you will establish an era of genuine, gospel-oriented concern for the members, watching over and caring for each other, addressing spiritual and temporal needs as best you can by any means possible...Every good thing you do “counts.” [W]hat matters most is how you have blessed and cared for those within your stewardship. What matters most is that you love your people and are fulfilling the commandment to “watch over the Church always.”

And in the words of Uncle Rich, "Who did we see sitting in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir seats singing during today's world wide church conference? Elder Hutchins! (back row). Wonder if he was singing in Hmong..."

Your friend in Brazil posted some pictures of you on Facebook. Nando Aquino. They were all similar to this picture. I told her how much I appreciated her feeding and taking care of you. And I do.

And right when I was typing this, she was adding more!

Your sister Breyer is in spelling heaven. She walks around the house, or rides in the car, spelling words, enthusiastically sounding out the sound for each letter as she spells. Sometimes she sings her words into silly songs. Drives Miller up the wall. Makes me smile. She scored the first goal of her game, and then wilted. Usually her games have been at 9 a.m. This one was at 1 p.m. Four hours later and too many degrees hotter.

Miller was back in soccer mode after having strep last week. His first practice a volunteer parent, practicing four boys as goals, kicked the ball at Miller. We thought he broke his thumb. He didn't, but now he's goalie shy. He still had a great game. He's very quick and graceful, and fun to watch. He was elected class president, and has been asked to serve on the student council,which meets once a month. He's very excited.

Your father and brothers went to Priesthood session night. The "no store bought items" was again mandated, and Dad asked for an apple pie. Probably my best one yet. Yum! Breyer used leftovers and made a small pie for she and Miller to share.

Your good friend Reed Nixon has been in and out of the hospital most of the summer, and is home now under hospice care.  I sent you his email if you'd like to send him a love note. He was so good to you boys.

We had a delightful talk with your grandparents. Grampy's writing a poem about Rufus Porter Glass and his internment in the Andersonville prison. I can hardly wait to read it. I'm glad he's writing. Dad talked to Tanner in Scotland. He's been incommunicado for a while, not having access to the internet. In order to pick up his host's wireless connection, he had to lay on the bed, with his head hanging over the side. Too funny.

Porter wrote a letter this week. He's practicing for his two years of service and is ahead of you and your brother in that regard. He had us laughing tonight with his general authority accents. And his hopes for his dream team basketball future with Tanner and Hannah. He enjoyed his monthly dinner at Uncle Ben's house, celebrating Derek's birthday with a face plant and a bloody.

Both Boston Red Sox and Dodgers have made the play offs. Dad's dreaming of a match.

Dad's agreed to finish off the letter for me. I love you. Have a wonderful week!

Hello Hunter,

It was good to talk to Anne Marie, Tanner, and Porter (as well as your grandmother and grandfather) on Sunday. We saw Aunt Shirley this week, she misses your calls. Here's a picture of your mother with her.

Shirley wrote: "I attended David's ship reunion in Arlington, Texas, last week and had a great time. My niece picked me up at the hotel on Sunday and we went to her house for lunch. She took a wrong turn out of the hotel, so we headed in every direction but the right one. As she said, we weren't lost--only on an adventure--and we were spending quality time with each other. She also visited me after work on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. She wanted to take a selfie, but I had my cousin do the honors. Here are a couple of pictures of us. She is a sweetheart."
She is a sweetheart. I just wish she lived closer. I'm so happy that I had the chance to go to her house, have lunch with her, and to also have her stop at the hotel on her way home from work on Monday and Wednesday. She is so bubbly and everyone who met her at the Navy reunion liked her right away. What is not to like about Amy? She is just a wonderful person, friend, and niece. I think Jarrod will be an awesome Bishop. I am not of the Mormon faith but have attended church services and baptisms. When my husband passed away, Amy's uncle, I had all the great nieces and nephews sing "I Am a Child of God". I just LOVE that hymn.

I thought it was funny to hear that your missionary companion threw his fishing pole into the river. Was it able to be retrieved or did not matter?

I know that mom put in her letter last week that Arnold Palmer died. I noticed, the next day, that the golf course by the house had the flags at half-staff. They kept them at half-staff throughout the whole week, which was a nice touch as nobody else had their flags lowered. The other golf news is that the United States has a nine hole lead over Europe in the Ryder's Cup. I believe today is the last day and the United States is expected to win. The sad thing has been the constant heckling of the European team by American fans (the competition is taking place in Minnesota.) Such activity takes away from the game and from the idea of sportsmanship.

The only funny story related to this behavior, was during the practice rounds. An American fan was deriding a couple of European player who kept trying to make a practice putt (apparently they had tried 12 times and not made it). The players had finally had enough of it and stopped, walked over to the crowd, pointed to the guy out and told him to come out and make the putt. The fan borrowed Rory McElroy’s putter and one of the American players walked over and laid down $100 bill, telling the fan that if he makes it the money is his. Well, with one chance, one putt, the obnoxious American fan made it. He kept the hundred dollar bill which was signed by the players on the green.

Be good. Be Safe. Did you get to hear conference?

Love you.


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Bachland :) said...

Sis. B. and I are ready to go on a Mission if we get a wonderful letter like this each week! I always feel so good after reading the weekly letters.