Monday, February 22, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

We love you. Tonight your brothers played your favorite game, Attack, because they missed you. And instead, taught Miller how to play. He loved it. You have a new fan.

Your father was amazing today, his first day at the pulpit. He had a baby blessing, and a confirmation. The young man has been to scout camp with him, and scouting activities for as long as we've been here. He called him up to the stand, shared his love of him with the ward,all, all new here in Granbury.

We also joined him for his early morning trip to the ward building. My van died while driving home from seminary Friday morning. What a blessing to have finished dropping off the eleven high and middle school students before, what I'm guessing to be the alternator, left me stranded in the middle of the downtown square. The tow truck driver took over an hour to appear, so by the time we met him at the repair shop and finished all the paperwork, it had taken me over two hours to get home. I'm so glad Dad hadn't left for work. Back to this morning. Our neighbors up the street could only take three bodies, so Miller and Cooper volunteered for the early morning run.

How fun to sit in ward correlation meeting with your father. He wisely walked into the room and chose to sit by me, glaring eyes daring him otherwise. He was marvelous. He asked for plans, but then followed through with specific action items they were taking today. He also posed three thoughts for the council to consider, and asking for their answers in two weeks. Consider these: Find specific family history blessings; how would this blessing benefit you; what can you do to increase family history work?

Know that your father's patriarchal blessings speaks of the spirit if Elijah that is powerfully manifested in him, and know this will be a theme for him in the years to come.

Breyer had a wonderful birthday party yesterday. I have a friend, who likes to plan parties and decorate, that collected pink things wherever she happened to see them, and had our ceiling shining with a pink glow from her decorations. Breyer danced all day Friday, just thinking of her tea party, and could barely sit on Saturday. Your grandmother bequeathed her mother's tea cups to her, so we unpacked them for the party. They made the table look beautiful. Your brothers were given tuxedo tee shirts, and played the part of hosts rather well. Sawyer was in charge of the games. We used sugar cubes to have a spoon relay, as well as a "Build Rapunzel's Tall Tower." They also used plastic tea cups and had a relay race to fill up a tea pot with water. Miller was suppose to be in charge of dancing, but backed out at the last minute, and helped serve foods. Cooper helped pour their pink strawberry milk and pink lemonade sparkly drink from tea pots. Jolly good times. You are a tea party expert, and I know she would have loved for you to be here.

She invited twelve little girls, from five families, but only had four come. She didn't care. She gathered up her gift bags, and brought them to the ward chili cook-off later that night, and brought her party to them. Along with my chili, I sent a double batch of cinnamon rolls that were exquisite, and huge. Almost the size of a small dinner plate. They sold four for $26, and I sent almost forty. Those cinnamon rolls raised $200 out of the almost $700 that was raised. Yeah!

Breyer decided in July that she liked ice cream cakes the best, because of AnneMarie, so I made her one. Three cartons of ice cream, homemade fudge sauce, and chocolate wafer cookies with a little whipped cream. Yum. Your brothers finished it off today. Leftovers are still rare over here.

The boys are all wrapping up their basketball seasons. Porter and his senior teammates were  interviewed after his game this week, for the local radio station. He nailed the interview...we keep checking to see if it has been posted. Sawyer played Friday evening, and Miller Saturday afternoon. They'll finish their season this week in a single-elimination tournament. And don't blink. Baseball tryouts are Thursday evening. Cooper had an all day tennis tournament. He won his first and second matches, and lost his third and fourth, putting him in fourth place.

These are two news articles that caught my attention this week:
A therapy that retrains the body's immune system to fight cancer has provoked excitement after more than 90% of terminally ill patients reportedly went into remission. White blood cells were taken from patients with leukaemia, modified in the lab and then put back.

Washington (CNN)Russia plans to modify some of its intercontinental ballistic missiles to destroy asteroids before they hit Earth, according to a top Russian rocket researcher. The United States is also working on ways to prevent asteroids from hitting Earth, but is taking a very different approach. Instead of blowing up the space rocks, NASA plans to shove them away from the planet.

This week will be quiet, not having a second vehicle. We hope all is going well, that your mango mouth is healing, and your spirits high. Know of our love for you!



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