Sunday, February 7, 2016

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Hunter,

Funny moment of the week: I've been writing to genealogists in Germany to try and find the Schenewark line and while working on that this afternoon began to sing the primary song "Genealogy, I am doing it, my which point AnneMarie cut in and started singing to the same tune "and I won't forget all the men that died who gave that right to me..." Not quite how it goes but it kind of fits right in ;) She's the sweetest and we laugh our days along...

Which is good because this week was long. 5 midterms, 2 basketball games to work, 2 basketball games to play, and all the attendant stresses of normal life. Like my phone going kaput on me. I've opted for a higher end replacement since Ammie will be coming off her family's phone plan this summer and we'll need to have our own. My shiny new iPhone should be here tomorrow! The bonus is that it will work fine in Scotland without having to pay extra so we can Face time family here without having to buy a Scottish phone. And its cool, ya know? ;)

Friday we had a wonderful day. Mimi and Grampy came into to town to ordain Uncle Ben a high priest, so we went and spent most of Friday hanging with them. They carry a wonderful spirit with them as you know and it was great for AnneMarie to be able to meet them too:) (see the picture below of him playing Call of Duty or something with Josh--priceless:)

After we hung with them, they were headed to bed early for an early morning flight back to Boston so we had a couple date with a new couple in our ward, very cool, rock climbing and burgers at Mooyah! AnneMarie won all the prizes rock climbing, reaching new heights--haha, literally--on some very challenging routes. Sometimes when I want to give up on a route she just looks up at me and gives me the best encouragement. Something to look forward to in the future;)

I wish you could come visit our lovely home and bask in its light:) We were both feeling wonderfully grateful for families this week and maybe that's my thought for you today. You are on a mission, ultimately, to unite and reunite families. Whatever family structure and happiness they may have now, it is eternally meaningless without the gospel. Now of course that blessing may come later to some, so recognizing that isn't meant to demean their families. Rather, you can help them recognize that their families will be happier NOW with the gospel. They will have greater peace NOW, less contention NOW, etc. You get the point. And they will notice that in the families in the church even if you may think there's a lot lacking.

We Love You Dearly! Have a great week working. Keep up the obedience and look for the guidance of the Spirit throughout the day.


Tanner and AnneMarie

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