Friday, February 19, 2016

Miller's Moment

Congratulations, Miller!

You are my Shining Star for the 4th Six Weeks! I always put much thought into who I want to give this great honor to. This time, there was no doubt who I would choose. Miller, you are an exemplary student! I love how you listen so attentively as I teach. You make good choices when others may be trying to distract you. I am so proud of how you always strive to do your very best on every assignment.

Miller, I appreciate how respectful you are to me and your classmates. How excited I was to award you the Academic Achievement Award for only missing two on a very difficult and long math test! Great job! I know there will be many, many more academic awards for all your hard work. It is a joy to call you my student and I wish you great success as you finish second grade and move up to third.

You are THE student in class that everyone else can look up to. Congratulations, Miller! You truly are a Shining Star!

Mrs. Atherton


Bachland :) said...

Miller is our Hero!

shirlgirl said...

What a wonderful award and letter from his teacher. You must be so proud of him. All of your children have done so well and have worked hard for all of their awards. Way to go, Amy Jo. Congratulations, Miller.