Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Letter #27

Dear Family and Friends,

It looks like it was a fun week over there!

This week we too have been working on family history. We have a booklet we filled out, my family, stories that unite us. We have shared this as our message every day at lunch this week. I've written in it, and filled out the information, but could you send some pictures by email of grandparents, and great grandparents and I will print them here, and put them in the book?

This week, we had a division, so we both went to the Zone Leaders area. On our way there, E. Soares left his wallet on the bus, so our money was cut in half, and we had no way to get more, except to return to our area. But we pressed onward, and made it through, and definitely saw help. We made it back, after a couple miracles, with five cents between us.

We teach a lot of youth, as they are generally more accepting, and they're just the people we relate to better. This transfer, one of our goals was to find a big family. We decided to try and find a family with six children, who could be baptized, i.e. no problems with the parents not being married. And this past week, we did just that. It was definitely an answer to a prayer. So far, only the oldest son has listened to the lessons, and visited the church with us, but hopefully we can finally meet the mom this week, and they can all visit.

Okay, unexpected/funny moment of the week. At church yesterday, I´m fighting to stay awake, listening to the second speaker in sacrament meeting. Just trying to focus on the Portuguese, but my eyelids are fluttering. I think everyone knows this challenge. And then, boom! Something whacks me in the side of the head like a frying pan. I´m 100% awake immediately, and wondering if something from the ceiling fell, a kid in the row behind us whacked me, or if I just had the most vivid dream of my life. Turns out, a piece from the fan above, a little bigger than a dinner plate, but thankfully plastic fell from the ceiling, 15 feet above, and hit me perfectly. Bull´s eye.No more drowsiness in the church. Lesson learned.

As we've worked and struggled to help people go to church, and repent of sins, I feel like I can understand a lot better how Heavenly father feels with us. Sometimes I feel like saying to investigators, We´re just here to help! Let us help you. And it's the same thing that Christ and Heavenly Father feel. They just want us to be happy. To return to live with them. And it's difficult because people reject the Balm of Gilead. And yet, do we not at times do the same thing? Reject the arms of mercy extended always towards us?

As challenges arise here, I think I have really learned, for a lifetime, how to act. Elder Clayton Christensen said, talking about his decision to forgo playing in the college championship basketball game on Sunday, how it was an extenuating circumstance, but how life is one extenuating circumstance after another. And honestly it is. We have to choose the right. Follow the Spirit and we'll never go astray. The gospel is so simple. Like this, just follow the Spirit. Challenging, yes. But simple. I´m very grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost.


Elder Schenewark

P.S. The other memory card didn't work, so I'll take it in to a shop. And can you mail the glasses lens here, or do I have to have to mail them there? There's places here that could put them in.

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