Sunday, December 20, 2009

When Grandparents Come to Visit...

Top Ten Reasons to Have Our Grandparents Visit:
1. Our Grandma helped to finish costumes and accessories for the United Nations Assembly. Having been assigned Napal, Hunter is modeling his new black furry Yak Hat.

2. Our Grandma goes to kindergarten class and helped an entire class of wiggly 6 year olds make authentic hats from Sweden, modeled by Sawyer, as they learn about Christmas customs around the world.

3. Our Grandpa plays chess. He said, "A game a day."

4. Our Grandpa buys donuts for breakfast. MORE THAN ONCE!

5. Our Grandpa ties shoes, wakes us up for seminary, and becomes the morning school bus driver taking the five boys to their four schools. All week long.

6. Our grandparents attended Quiz Bowl Meets, and Hunter's ALL DAY LONG Quiz Bowl Championship round robin.

7. Our grandparents went to all the Little Buddy Basketball League games scheduled on Saturday (Sawyer, Cooper and Porter) without complaining, even when they had to pay.

8. Our grandparents went to Hunter and Tanner's school basketball games, even when they were away, and didn't complain when they had to pay even more.

9. Our grandparents timed their visit just so they would be with us as we celebrated Miller's 3rd birthday. And, got him the only thing his heart desired. Hot Wheels he could call his own.

10. Our grandparents not only were in charge while Mom was decorating for the ward Christmas party, they took care of everybody at the party, including helping kids make garland, filling plates and cutting meat, and cleaning up.
There are actually more than ten reasons, such as filling my pantry with goodies from Sams, fixing all the broken things Mr. Brown Sign is too busy to fix, and leaving beautiful presents under the tree. But. Their presence is the only present we need.


Christy said...

I agree with your last statement entirely!
Lucky to get them to yourselves. Have fun!

Jenny said...

They were BUSY! What fun. Sounds like a good time was had by ALL.

Duncan Chaos said...

What great memories your boys will have of them. They sound like wonderful people!

Becky said...

LOVED this post. I'm so grateful they were able to come visit you. I'm hoping that it will be our turn soon to come see you. :)

shirlgirl said...

I wonder who had more fun--the kids or your Mom and Dad. They always enjoy being with their children and grandchildren. So glad they could make a visit and be so involved in your lives, even though it was for just a week. They really can pack a lot of "stuff" into a week. Good for them and good for you.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Lucky!! Who doesn't love your parents?!

Bachland :) said...

Big smile on my face this morning, what a nice time you had.

LL said...

Visits from the GRANDparents are always a favorite!
Looks FUN.

Joy said...

So glad they got to visit. Always fun when grandparent can visit.

Kimberlee, Marty, and a little Dot said...

I LOVE when my mom and dad come to visit! It doesn't happen often enough, if you ask me:)

Oh, and yes, the house was cheaper for us to do as a modular. Pretty darn neat to see it all pieced together in a day, too!

Kimberlee, Marty, and a little Dot said...
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