Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Camp Fannin, Tyler, Texas

Mr. Brown Sign found a quiet sight to enjoy. It's a memorial to a World War II facility, Camp Fannin.

Over 150,000 men were trained for combat and sent out in a two year period.

The memorial sits on the grounds of a hospital, which is most fitting, since the hospital, a tuberculosis sanitorium, was the last major installation on the base.

"The memorial is a permanent and visible remembrance in honor of all veterans from the five branches of service that were active during World War II. It is dedicated to all trainees of Camp Fannin and especially those who gave their lives in defense of our freedom."
It's always good to remember.


LL said...

FUN to travel over Christmas with the family!!!

Duncan Chaos said...

It is time to write that book, "Mr. Brownsign's America". By the way, the Schenewark boys were missed at the stake dance tonight.

Becky said...

Good Stuff Amy Jo! I'm grateful that you post this stuff so that those of us who don't get out much can feel like WE are there with you. :)