Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Way With Words

In case the poems are not self-explanatory, Tanner slept on the sofa bed while his grandparents were visiting. One evening, Tanner was in bed, and when Dad was leaving the kitchen he turned off the light and became a little confused about safely reaching his bedroom as it was very dark. Thus, in jest, Tanner left a poem on his mirror for him to find upon waking.

One wet and windy winter's night
Dear Graumpy flipped to OFF the light
And starting, turned to see the hall
But rather saw no hall at all!
For flipping such and turning so
He made for him a labryinth faux.
Yet even then he turned to go
And brave the dark, unshadowed flow.
Danger lurked inside each edge -
The happy walls now a hedge -
Echo location his only chance
To escape this deadly, darkly dance...
Well, he made it! This you know!
It'd do you well to be wary though,
And every time you look to exit
Find a light and double check it!


While walking in the dark to his sofa bed
Tanner lost his bearings and fell on his head.
In his delirium he thought he could write a poem
While lying unconscious on the bed in his home.
His metaphors were mixed and his meter was poor
But he thought it would get better by writing some more.
In his dream like state he grew very confused
And his Grampy when reading it was not amused.
For the only one stumbling in the dark that night
Was the unconscious grandson, unaware of his plight.
To honor his elders whether awake or asleep,
Fulfilling the promises he said he would keep.
And when he awoke he could not even remember
If it was June or July or was it possibly December?
And the only way he knew that his name was Tanner
Is because he had written it in his daily planner.


Ha! You thought you'd use the mirror!
But where's your face? It disappeared!
Now you'll have to read my poem
(Beware you venture into gloam!
Or at least remember to use lights
They keep you out of desperate plights!)

And always exit where you see
EXIT glowing merrily!
Can we fill the mirror you think?
Or will notes fall and fill the sink?



Jenny said...

OH! Delightful banter...
love it.

Smilin' sunshine said...

That is great!

shirlgirl said...

Love the poems!! So much talent in the family--we are blessed.

Becky said...

Good stuff...my favorite kind, really. Friendly banter - it makes my world go 'round. :)

Bachland :) said...

Uncle Zack, we need some input and assessment from the Professor of English Literature. At the very least you need to grade the poems.