Sunday, July 9, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Only two weeks and change! So, so excited! Our house will be full, my heart will be fuller.

We spent our July 4th holiday in Tyler, and stayed longer than we anticipated. The swimming pool and company made it hard to leave. And we even had your fireworks.The pool table is being warmed up for your return.

Eight missionaries ate a festive lunch together at the Bachs in celebration of your birthday. Only the fireworks were missing.

Your cousin Greg is in Hong Kong having an adventure...I've thoroughly enjoyed his culturally expressive photos!

Your Uncle Ben's labradoodle had puppies, and your sweet cousin Brady got one for his birthday, flown all the way from Utah to New Hampshire for his sixth birthday. #ABoyAndHisDog

Your brothers make me laugh every day. Today in church Sawyer was giving Porter wet willies in his ear, Porter was tickling Miller's ribs, and Miller was stealing Breyer's pens. All at the same time! Cooper has been keeping busy with his lawn mowing business, and making long boards. Mason and Uncle Roger arrive this week, and Mason has put in an order for one board. Dad and I have been making the list for their Texas Man-cation. From Dallas to San Marcos to Fort Worth, rattlesnakes to roping to fighter jets and barbecue, Dad's got it all covered. Stay tuned!

Sawyer and Miller are wrapping up their all star baseball season, yesterday and then next week finishes it off. No rings since their first tournament but hopefully next will they'll finish strong. Playing, watching and baking in 100 degrees isn't pleasant, just Texas.

The boys have their first golf tournament this week. They're so excited to play with you. They haven't been on the course since December. We're going early in the morning to drive, just for fun. And other golf related news around the home? The boys bought an X-Box for $20 at a garage sale. Their biggest find was the golf game. Just for you.

Tanner is having success at work. Ranking ahead of all the new hires, and surpassing their weekly and monthly goals. He heads to Orlando in the morning for a floor show, and will earn $7 for each person he can get to sign up for a free trial of his accounting product. AnneMarie's belly has finally popped enough to make her look like she's expecting. And, within the week of your and her birthdays, your niece made her presence known with a resounding kick.

We, your parents, are trying to become more literate in the fast moving world of technology. We don't have cell phones, but now Instagram accounts so keep up with our children. And spent the last thirty minutes laughing at Cooper's humor evident in the posts under his pictures.

In a picture of his sunburn from scout camp, "Good news, the sun burn doesn't hurt anymore. Bad news, Michael Jackson has been reincarnated."

"So my parents don't know this, but every now and then I sneak outside for a quick smoke. I've smoked chicken. I've smoked brisket. However, today I thought I'd try something different...shish

"A new CIA torture method has been leaked. It's known as sunburned feet and I got to beta test it for them. Thank goodness for a hammock and little sisters to ease the pain."

"If anyone (local) needs a good-lookin, fun-loving guy on a good-lookin, seriously-overpowered mower to cut their grass, give me a ring."

"This is how many glasses of water it takes for three guys to cool down after the BLAZIN heat of the GHOST PEPPER hot wings at BDUBS. Faces were red, tears were shed, we feel like we should be in hospital beds."

"Pulled pork on the left. Brisket on the right. Me in the middle deciding which to eat first."

We were studying Section 24 this week in Sunday School, and I have been pondering on the Law of Miracles, vs. 13-14. This section was given when the Church was newly organized yet persecution "had become intense."

"Require not miracles, 
except I shall command you, 
except casting out devils, 
healing the sick, 
and against poisonous serpents, 
and against deadly poisons;
And these things ye shall not do, except it be required of you by them who desire it."

I find it interesting that even though there might be intense persecution, we're not to require miracles.
We fed the missionaries last night, and they shared with us how the missionary leaders in the mission office spoke of daily miracles that occur in the Fort Worth mission. I know from my parents' experiences they too experienced daily miracles with their missionaries. I know of the miracles you and Tanner have shared with us. And I know that your miracles are from your work. Physical, mental, emotional, through faith. And we're so proud. Keep up the good work.



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