Monday, July 31, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Boys,

Lest you think I'm crazy for writing a letter on my one week off, hear me out. Having a son serve a two year long mission, with another son a week away from going off to Brazil to serve a two year mission, there is no week off. My love for my boys never ends. Whether or not you are on missions, living out of state, or working out of the country, my thoughts are always with you.

This weekend, having all six of you home, has been near and dear to my heart. That you are all developing into such wonderful men, all of you kind, compassionate, intelligent, is more than a mother, at least this mother, could hope.

I love listening to you joke and laugh with each other. I love watching you hug or drape an arm around a brother or two. I love you picking up your little sister, or being willing to accommodate her needs. I love when you put a grin on your father's face. I love when you leave me no leftovers, or make me feel like my food is manna from heaven.

Each of you have such potential. Your futures excite me. Those whose lives you've already touched, and will continue to touch, make me feel blessed to be your mother.

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