Sunday, July 16, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Your father will have left for a business trip early Sunday morning, and the computer will go with him. He warned me earlier in the week, and we thought it best to work on the weekly letter a little bit each day this week to ensure your mailbox would have mail early Monday morning.

Monday? I haven't laughed so hard and so long in forever! It all started with my daily question of what to make for dinner. I was perusing the fridge, wondering if there were leftovers, when I saw a small container of chicken meat. Combined with the baggie of carrots, the half bag of uncooked pasta, I was psyched to be using all the bits and parts up. And frozen leftover lasagna from the freezer to fill in the holes. Only after cooking carrots and noodles, and adding seasoning, did I add the meat, then realizing it wasn't chicken. It was tuna. From the day before. How could I not remember? How did my nose not remember? And then Breyer wanted some. And then Sawyer. And then Sawyer's friend over for the day. And they all ate the entire bowl! I came home later and the whole pot was gone. I just about died retelling the story to Dad, who was so glad he didn't choose soup.

We heard tonight from Bro. Welch that Sis. Niceler passed away yesterday. One of her last Facebook entries was on the 4th, wishing you a Happy Birthday. She is one of those valiant spirits you're blessed to have crossed paths with.

Tuesday? Miller and Sawyer went to the driving range, not having been on the greens since December. Even Breyer wanted to go. They were there to gear up for their tournament but more so wanting to be ready for you when you would play with them.

Wednesday, Best day ever! Sawyer and Miller were very successful in their golf tournament, both coming home with first place medals. And, your Uncle Roger and Mason flew into town. Stories were flying faster than the laughs. Boy stuff ruled. Even though they were up at 0330 a.m. to head to the airport, and were an hour ahead in time, they lasted until midnight. Seeing downtown Granbury's historic square and jail, a glimpse at the beach, and Davy Crockett's wife's grave, were some of the highlights.

Thursday there was a little bit of metal detecting going on,as well as a trip to Lockheed to see the F-35 production line, since Roger's BAE is providing the weaponry. Alamo on the big screen, a few games, and roping and riding with a cutter horse cowboy completed the day.

Friday the crew headed down south to see the Alamo, the San Antonio temple, Fredericksburg, and a rodeo. Just a whole lot in a short amount of time. Plus there was some fancy lemon meringue pie, and Baby Head Cemetery. I know the pictures will be worth the thousand words.

Saturday the boy gang headed off to the Fort Worth Stockyards and some Texas barbecue. Miller, Sawyer and I had baseball tournaments, and were joined by the boy gang for a couple of innings in Sawyer's game. Sawyer was picking up his bat, near a teammate warming up with a wood bat and wiffle balls, and got hit in the head. Probably has a minor concussion. Was feeling nauseous the first game, and only batted. He felt better by the second, and pitched well enough to only face ten batters in three innings.

We'll miss Roger and Mason. I love having a lot of boys around me, and this week has been wonderful. Hopefully their Texas adventure was fun, and will come back for another man-cation.

Porter went with your Tyler cousins to Colorado Springs. Their family had a few vacation days, and Porter and Luke wanted one last hurrah. They enjoy each other, feed off of each other, complement each other, and will sorely miss one another. He'll come home Wednesday evening, the same time as your father, who leaves for his trip in the morning.

I saw that former Brazilian President Silva has been convicted of corruption charges, including money laundering, and sentenced to nine and a half years in prison. Has this impacted you in anyway, in regards to protests or unrest?

We are down to under two weeks! Can hardly wait. My heart beats faster whenever I stop to think about you coming home. Here. To me. Finish strong.

All my love,


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