Monday, July 24, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

We're hoping you have one more preparation day, so you'll find your last letter in your box. Hopefully you'll be able to send one more as well. In case you had any questions, we will be at the airport. We're not sure how far in we'll be able to go but just keep following the signs for baggage claim for Delta. We'll meet you some where along the way, even if it's outside on the sidewalk of the Delta terminal.

Your testimony is beautiful. You can still write a note if you get a chance! We are so proud of you, your service, your effort, your righteous desires. Your willingness to go and do what the Lord commands, that obedience, is why you'll always succeed and be blessed.

Be safe. Be smart. We want you home.

And in preparation for your arrival the Bachs have arrived, Friday afternoon. They've spent in the little time they've been here taking your brothers golfing, building a train track with Breyer, attending Cooper's friend's Eagle Court of Honor, puzzling, toilet fixing, Eagle planning, metal detecting, un-denting the van, de-glassing the van, and removing the mud from the van.

Sundays are crazy! Last week I played the organ in sacrament, helped Miller write his talk he remembered he had, helped Breyer give her talk, tell Cooper he was suppose to teach his lesson, xerox my nursery paper, set up the room for nursery singing time, talk to the ward auto mechanic, agree to make fruit kebabs for an Eagle court of honor, sing with three year old group, play the piano for the junior primary, sing with two year old group, play the piano in young women's, and play the piano in senior piano. It's a fine line to walk. I wear a watch.

Your father's are just as crazy. He leaves just after seven and got home tonight after nine, due to a stake meeting. This week he got a phone call from a regional representative, who was contacted by a General Authority, over a member letter that was sent to Salt Lake City headquarters because of the poor condition of the ward flag pole.

Today at church the Primary celebrated Pioneer Day. What a treat for those under 11, as they went picking for berries and cow patties (red pom poms and brown felt), wrapping their bare feet in cloth (as most children did not have shoes), carving their names in rock (brown paper and chalk), walking through the icy Sweet Water River (ice cubes in buckets), making sourdough bread, brown paper vests and cloth aprons.

Your sister makes a cute Pioneer. She wore an apron my mother made for me. Your Uncle Aaron and Anna, pictured below, were on trek. They make good pioneers as well.

And of course, my favorite pioneers are my parents and husband. That they would be willing to give all that they had, especially family, to join the church, makes me so appreciative of their faith.

Speaking of your sister, when your sister has a friend over, it's foreign territory. I'll walk into a room and not know which country I'm in. One day I heard, "But Mom, I'm not pregnant." What?!? Another day one is in the shower, one is in the tub, their bedrooms. Blankets, pillows, dolls, toys are soaking up the water remaining from the early morning showers. They've played gymnastics, one player, one coach. Famous dancers,

And just to ease you back into the world, "Golf's oldest major championship,  The British Open, has a 2017 winner: Jordan Spieth, a 23 year old American from Texas. A dramatic final round capped the tournament, with Spieth vying with fellow American Matt Kuchar for the top position. China's Li Haotong finished six strokes back in third place."

That's a quick wrap up for the week. I've shared with you a few memories to kick off this week, and will end the week with you and me having a memory of our own.

Travel safe.



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