Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope you both are well and immersed in the work. Here are some highlights from the week that was:

1.       You may have seen some pictures already, but Monday we finished off President’s Day festivities by hiking through Valley of Fire state park. What a blast! It’s like a mini-Moab, with red rock formations, arches, and petroglyphs! I found the petroglyphs particularly interesting this time because they featured lots of rams or wild mountain goats. On our way through the park, we ran into a large herd of these same goats that looked just like the ones etched into the wall 4,000 years ago. Incredible. There was also a rock shaped like an elephant which was very cool.

2.       We began and finished the TV show Stranger Things this week. Good stuff. I don’t recommend watching it at night, however, especially when you live in a basement and things like cats occasionally walk by the window. We enjoyed it, though, for all its “Super 8” type suspense and nostalgia, plus, great character development.

3.       Friday night we attended the BYU v. Iowa gymnastics meet where we observed a nail-biting finish ultimately in favor of Iowa. In the words of AnneMarie, it came down to BYU having one more hop than Iowa—one more hop. Incredible. The stars of the meet, however, were probably the two thousand girls under the age of 10 that were also in attendance, all would-be gymnasts, and in particular two little girls, about 4 or 5, down near the front that attempted to follow along with every gymnast’s routine. In their own leotards. Hilarious lol. Porter was also in attendance with a lady friend but we ended up sitting in different areas so I can’t say much except that they looked like they were having fun. Afterward, we ended up at Matt’s house for desserts with the fab fam and Jessica and Lyndsi. We try to never miss an opportunity to get together with this gang!

4.       Saturday it was all about that getting ready for Sunday! We swept the floors and we shampooed our hair and…get the point. Cleaning feels good. To reward this effort, we went out for sushi burritos. If you haven’t had one, try it. For those that don’t like sushi, the sushi burrito offers an unintimidating way to approach the cuisine as many don’t feature uncooked fish or even fish at all. And, I’m not usually one to mention the egg rolls, but we got some fresh ones and they were BOMB.

5.       Sushi Burritos were followed with a free strawberry, pineapple, white chocolate and coconut dessert shake, which we had a coupon for, and then a visit to the local Barnes and Noble’s. We snagged Parcheesi for a bargain (And AnneMarie promptly bested me 4 times in a row) and Ammie picked up A Man called Ove, which I hear is all the rage in certain European literary circles. (As we danced the night away, happiness was also bestowed on the BYU basketball team who knocked off #1 Gonzaga at Gonzaga.)

6.       AnneMarie has been in full maid-of-honor mode this week as her best friend Caitlin is getting married soon. They went wedding dress shopping on Wednesday though I don’t think anyone’s said yes to the dress so there’ll be some more quality girl time coming up later this week.

7.       This actually happened last Sunday, but I met Rudy, as in the Rudy of Notre Dame, so that’s noteworthy. He lives across the street from the Paces and from the few words and the handshake I got he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Not to mention, with his joining of the church, the Pace’s cul-de-sac is well on its way to becoming 100% LDS.

8.       And the last note: After praying and pondering how we could reach out to our neighbors upstairs, one of whom is inactive and the other is not a member, I was on my way out to church ball on Tuesday night when Tony spied my shoes and asked if I played. Turns out he loves basketball and has been looking for a group to play with more regularly and is joining the squad this Tuesday for our final regular season face-off. Coincidence? I think not. The Lord is prepared to open the windows of heaven through a multitude of means. Plus, he knows we sorely need him;)

All our Love,

Tanner and AnneMarie

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