Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Family,

Many apologies for no letter last week. We broke out the paint supplies and a couple of watercolor palm trees later...alas, no letter. But, some great looking palm trees.

The only thing in my memory worth mentioning from last week was our phenomenal housewarming party held last Friday. We had almost twenty family and friends over from seven till midnight with lots of games and food for everyone. Food, prepared by AnneMarie, included fresh fruit and homemade cookies along with buffalo chicken wings and a homemade artichoke jalapeno dip with chips. I’m a blessed man and that’s the gospel truth!

We played the classic couch game but we also played two new party games: the Animal Stick game (still working on a name there…) and Butt Basketball. Indeed. The Animal Stick game consists of one person being blindfolded and counting down from ten while everyone moves about the room. They have a small stick in their hands and when they get to zero everyone must stop. Whoever they touch first with the stick they ask to make some sort of sound, e.g. animal, ambulance etc. Then they have to guess who it is and if they’re right they switch in. Hilarity ensues especially as the person tries to find someone frozen around the room.

Ammie was quite excited to play butt basketball which involved clenching quarters (just one per person) in your behind (stretchy pants work better than jeans, I assure you!) and carrying them across the room where you must deposit them from high into a waiting cup below, relay race style. Most members of our party enjoyed this spectacle. A few did not. For those not in the mission field, may I recommend either game for FHE entertainment not soon to be forgotten.

All in all, you know it’s a good party when the guests leave reluctantly and take some of the goodies home with them. After many adventures abroad it feels good to be near many friends and family once again.

I lied. Last week we also attended BYU’s annual Burns Supper, a Scottish tradition honoring the memory of Scottish poet Rabbie Burns. We were invited as I was asked to speak on behalf of all the interns that had participated in the Scottish Parliament program, the proceeds of the dinner being donated to us interns. Those donations amounted to a $300 travel stipend that allowed us to visit the Isle of Skye which was without a doubt a highlight of our trip. The food was spectacular, especially the steak, although the haggis was not superb. The Address to the Haggis, however, an integral part of Burns’ suppers, was well-done by an elderly Scottish man (one of many such kilted figures in attendance) brandishing his large dagger which he plunged into the haggis with aplomb. We left full, nostalgic and grateful. We’ll be back next year, if only to hear the sound of those bagpipes ringing out once more as we belted out Auld Lang Syne.

This week, after lots of classes and tests, we had another very enjoyable weekend.

Mom and Dad Pace were in town for Bart’s birthday weekend so Friday afternoon we headed to the Salt Lake temple for a session with them. That was AnneMarie and I’s first time doing work there and we thoroughly enjoyed it. There were lots of own endowments being done and that was special to be a part of as well. After the temple we went out to dinner with the birthday boy at a local Thai restaurant, or, I should say, THE local Thai restaurant as this place was the B-O-M-B! It’s called Sawadee and the plates are as huge as they are delicious.

Saturday our plans to snowboard at Solitude were foiled by everyone else having the same idea and, since a three-hour drive and long wait were not our idea of fun, we improvised and got snowshoes to go hiking in. It felt great to get outside, especially after classes all week. We hiked for a couple of hours and took a break midway for a snowball throwing contest in a particularly scenic gorge. The thwack of freshly minted snowballs on sheer granite walls is something I could listen to all day J

Then, because we were having too much fun, we stayed up really late playing code words at Matt and Joanna’s house. We may or may not have also finished off four or five Ben and Jerry’s pints and a package of specially delivered Tim Tams. There was even some Tim Tam slamming going on J Only when the clock hit two did we call it a night!

Today was AnneMarie and I’s debut in primary. She did such a great job and even improvised new ways for the kids to learn their songs. At one point, one of the little girls was worried that AnneMarie was just a subbing chorister and wasn’t going to come back so she asked her in the middle of singing time. They already love her! Because how can you not? I had way too much fun on the piano after a long musical hiatus. Once the dust is all off there are going to be some groovy tunes from the piano man in the corner.

Tonight we also partied at Uncle Ben’s, where we had dinner with the cousins and Porter. We talked a lot about missions and life and had heard some good stories/saw some good pictures. Let me tell ya—family’s what it’s ALL about, as I’m sure you get to tell people all the time.

We love you, pray for you, and labor side-by-side with you in this great work. Be safe, have fun, testify boldly,


Tanner and AnneMarie

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Bachland :) said...

AnneMarie, You look great in that last photo! Bart looks like a happy little guy enjoying his Aunt.