Sunday, February 5, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Hello! How was your week? So looking forward to hearing from you!

I was teaching her class today in Primary, with two other five year old girls. We were talking about the Restoration, and I asked, "What does it mean to restore?" One cutie said, "It's like when you go to a store because you need to make a return." I'm still smiling.

Your sister makes me laugh every day. If I was truthful, I'd admit she scares me. Every day she asks if she can do gymnastics, or dance, or cheer. I keep trying to steer her towards basketball or soccer or volleyball. She wants picnics and tea parties. I try making cookies and coloring. She still wears dresses every day, even with gym, settling for tennis shoes instead of her heeled boots. Today she found an empty box and a pillow, and with a few water balloons she'd filled, sat in the box and "clucked." How cute is that!

Breyer ended her basketball season yesterday and said she's not playing again. She didn't like it. We'll see. She began the season not even reaching the hoop, and finished with her balls hitting the rim.

Miller finished his regular season as well. He had a double header, and scored 9 out of 17 in the first, and 11 out of 21 in the second. He's been invited to play in the all star league, and still has an end-of-the year tournament left. Hopefully I can get some video for you.

Cooper developed a new plane, modeled after a Lockheed plane Olympic Duo that was developed with two engines, crashed on the first flight, and never built again.

Yesterday I took Sawyer to a regional version of the national program Math Counts. Out of 1000 students he tied with a bunch of other nerds for 27th place. Out of 24 schools his came in 8th. His teacher was happy. He was introduced to the success of students, usually from private schools, that practice math like Sawyer practices sports. And he still came home smiling, feeling grateful for being well-rounded.

I dropped him off in the dark with his teacher, at 7 a.m., Heading home, I saw what appeared to be a house on fire, dark rolling clouds with flames visible near the bottom. Because of the early hour, and being a quiet Saturday morning, I decided to drive past my turnoff and continued on to see if anyone was aware of the fire.

It was a good thing. No one was awake. What appeared to be a secondary structure behind a home ended up being a trailer home on a different street, fully engulfed. There were also two parked RVs, one on each side of the trailer, that had also caught on fire. A second car stopped to help, and we each took one RV, attempting to roust any one still in bed. With flames near the propane tanks and the roof fully engulfed as well, there wasn't a lot of time. The fire also jumped in the old dry oak trees, and we had to evacuate the trailers in the lots on each side of the engulfed trailer. About the time stored ammunition started exploding in the flames the fire department arrived on scene. When it was all said and done, my legs were tired from hopping over fences, my palms scraped from tripping over a rock hidden in the dark, and my arms ringing from banging on windows. All in a morning's work. Unfortunately, one body was eventually found in the original trailer.

Just some cheery photos from your family: The Whitcombs and your grandparents at the Boston temple, and Stevie playing ball.

Hot off the press, the New England Patriots won the Superbowl. They were down 21-0 into the third quarter, and by the end of the game tied 28-28. They scored the first touch down, and claimed the victory. I believe it's the first time the Superbowl has gone into overtime.

Your father bore a sweet testimony on the importance of being obedient, and the right to claim blessings. I'm sure that while on your mission your level of obedience has peaked at an all time high. Elder Carlson said, "Faithful obedience, regardless of the apparent size of the task, will bring the Lord’s guidance, assistance, and peace."




Aaron H. said...

Restore - HA!

Bachland :) said...

Mom, If our house is ever on fire we hope you save us. So sad about the one person that was lost. I think we should look into the Boy Scout Lifesaving Award for you! Propane, ammunition and all the dangers this looks very deserving to me.