Sunday, February 12, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, et al:

You know the princess will usually get top billing. She's too cute, and funny. Last night, while eating chocolate ice cream out of the tub, at the kitchen table, exclaimed, "Get this away from me! I can't stop!" Too true. I guess now I know even for almost six year old daughters. Do you get much ice cream down there, or is it more fruit concoctions?

Obviously the concern this week is you. We've been closely following the police strike in Vitoria, and the murder rate that has jumped from an average of 4 to 140  in this month alone. I'm sure you're not outside after dark. We pray everyday for you and your safety. Be careful! Take no chances!

In other news, your grandfather's friend, Clark Gilbert, current president at BYU-Idaho, was made the new president over the BYU-Pathway Worldwide, the fairly new program for  other online degree programs across the Church Educational System. Henry J. Eyring, currently serving as Academic Vice President, will become the seventeenth president of Brigham Young University-Idaho. This is what was interesting to me: President Eyring has been a longtime friend of and maintains a close connection with President Gilbert. They were coworkers at Monitor Company in the 1990s, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they became acquainted with Grampy while he served in the Boston Stake Presidency. They served in same BYU-Idaho stake presidency; and, along with others, they collaborated on the creation of the Pathway program. We all are capable of such amazing things. I did not know they were the original think tank team of Pathways. I'm excited to see what your fingers itch to do when you return.

The lot across the street, where we had your family picture before you left for Brazil, was finally purchased, and in one day all the trees were knocked down. So sad! All the dirt was leveled, so there will be no bluebonnets, and the foundation is being laid. Our view has changed, and will continue to change. We will have to lift our eyes a little higher when we enjoy the rocking chairs outside.

I went to a Granbury ISD substitute teacher training. Very interesting. We spent much of the morning just reviewing and testing over safety videos. How to operate and inspect ladders, how to clean up bodily fluids, how to lift loads properly, how to avoid trips, spills and falls. Certainly things that might be needed in the classroom. Classroom management options were left to our own on line devices, with the preferred program from Utah State University. Go Aggies!

Your cousin Evan is very excited with his first army post after graduation: Fort Carson, Colorado. I'm sure you'll be visiting him, with Tanner, when you can. He is assigned to the First Brigade Combat team, the basic deployable unit of maneuver in the US Army and its assigned support and fire units. He's in the 4th infantry division, the main land combat force and backbone of the Army. They are responsible for defending our country against any threat by land. We're in great hands.

Your cousin on the other end of the United States made the news with his basketball skills. In the words of his father, your Uncle Rich, 'Trevor accomplished two things that his father never did (in a HS game): The Triple Double, and a two handed dunk. On the other hand the black eye he got I accomplished on several occasions."  "Trevor Hutchins had a triple-double — 27 points, 19 rebounds and 10 blocked shots — as Ledyard rolled past Fitch 101-50 in an ECC Division I game, and the eighth straight win for the Colonels (13-2, 5-2)."Inspired by Trevor, your cousin Stevie had her first triple double as well, 18 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists (and 4 blocks).

We've heard Porter went on roller skating dates, brought Tanner cookies to their shared class, and prepares FHE lessons diligently. We also heard he'll be turning in his mission papers. Perhaps this week we'll be able to verify whether or not we've heard correctly.

Miller had an end of the season tournament game Wednesday evening. He was the sole reason for their victory. The competing team played with a vengeance they've been missing all season, and your brother was determined to remain on top. Not that he was successful. He had quite a disappointing game in that a lot of his shots weren't made, but his heart made all the difference. Then they had their championship game, and he won. He did wonderful.

Thursday evening Dad and Sawyer went to a Tarleton State University basketball game. Just because. It was one of the last of the season. Bonus, the Dallas Cowboys had a traveling exhibit with their five Superbowl trophies.

Miller had his pinewood derby yesterday. He wanted a ketchup bottle. And he asked Cooper to help him with painting. Unfortunately, Dad put all the weight at the back of the bottle, and the front wheels lifted up when racing. Almost last place every time. We haven't had a dud car for a few years so we didn't feel too badly. Especially for Miller. He's brought home the most hardware for his derby cars in the past. Pictures forthcoming.

Dad and Cooper went to a fireside tonight only for 16 years and older. They taught the youth about dating, and provided them with contact lists. And because of an anonymous donation, if they go on a date, it is paid for. The first venue is Mesquite barbecue in Weatherford, TX. Fun! This will go on throughout the next year.

Know of our love for you, and our concern. Make wise choices. Stay safe. Come home soon.



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