Saturday, February 4, 2017

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been a good week. Looking back on my time as a missionary, I’m sure you’ve learned as I did that the best things—the ones that are really worth something—rarely come easily. So, it was a good week, but by no means easy.

I continued my workouts with Porter Monday and Wednesday, and had basketball games on Tuesday and Friday morning. AnneMarie stuck to her Pilates class. Tuesday I also got a workout of another kind as we moved a solid wood kitchen table into our home, on loan from one of the bishopric members. And, Wednesday we continued to see the Bishopric as they dropped by for a visit to welcome us into the ward. They seem like a good group and certainly work hard to help the ward. AND Wednesday, not five minutes after the Bishopric left, our landlord stopped by to say hi as he found himself in town unexpectedly. He seemed quite nice and is very easy to communicate with. He even encouraged us to take a hundred dollars off our rent for next month and “go buy a big throw rug” if we wanted to. Funny guy.

Thursday our meetings continued when we met with one of my friends and his boss for a financial consultation. We met in the MTC and he’s currently interning with Northwestern Mutual. It was free and useful and we’re planning on meeting with them again this coming week to go over some additional things. Since adult financial topics hit my radar I’ve always aspired to be a money-savvy-man. So far I’d say I’m 50/50 because there’s still a lot I have to learn/you have to have money to manage in order to manage it savvy-ly. However, this is one of those topics that I feel distinguishes real adults from those that just grew old. Kudos to my parents and others for teaching me the value of work and thrifty living and double-kudos to AnneMarie, my trusty sidekick.

Thursday night baby nephew Emerson got out of the hospital after a bout of RSV so we went and spent some time with him and Matt and Jojo and by some time I mean we stayed like 6 hours trapped in his cuteness. He wins the prize for greatest baby fohawk and is fun to hold/watch/tickle/be related to. We may make this a weekly thing.

Friday night—date night—Ammie called one of my favorite date night audibles: head straight for a sushi restaurant and don’t look back! So I did and didn’t regret it for a second. We went back to Kyoto in Provo where we spent our first Valentine’s Day together and home of the buy-one-get-one sushi roll. Afterwards, we went to my friend Jared’s house for a game night with friends. We played lots of games but my favorite was probably Code Words. For those out of the country, we’ll introduce you when you get back. For those here: check it out if you haven’t already. I can even get you an easily playable electronic version for free which Jared coded.

AnneMarie’s highlight of the week was dancing all night long at her friend Lexi’s wedding. We went up to her reception in SLC on Saturday night and enjoyed celebrating with them as well as rehashing all of our wonderful wedding memories. It felt good to get out on the dance floor and groove with my sweetheart. She’s the life of every party she goes to and the way she dances puts a big goofy smile on my face J

Today AnneMarie and I attended Primary for the first time in preparation for our new callings as chorister and pianist. They’re a good group with a couple of wigglers mixed in but we’re excited (and a tiny bit trepidacious) for our turn in Singing Time. There are too many great one liners during primary, as well, including this one from today: The teacher was talking about when Jesus called the future Apostles to leave their fishing boats and follow him. When he teacher asked the kids how the Apostles had responded to this invitation one small girl replied enthusiastically: “They just ditched it!” Hard not to love life in the Primary.

The highlight of my week is the girl who made the blueberry lemon pie that is now sitting in my stomach. #Blessed

Love to you all,

Tanner and AnneMarie

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