Monday, November 28, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, his brothers, and friends.

I am touched thinking about you and four of your cousins all serving missions at the same time. What a blessing for our family, what a tribute to your grandparents and the parents. What a blessing it is to be a member of this Church. Our Savior knows grand things including miracles happen on missions, and the high standard set to qualify to serve a mission only blesses the missionaries and their families for the eternities.

Mitt Romney was tagged as a possible candidate for Trump’s Secretary of State. Speculations were abounding at the beginning of the week, when he was seen leaving a meeting but no news as of yet has come forth.

Dad and Sawyer continue to fish almost every evening. Because the sun goes down so early, their excursions might be for only 20 minutes, but it’s a hobby they both enjoy and can enjoy together.

Last night I asked Cooper to make pizza on naan, Indian flat bread, for dinner today. I came home to cinnamon bagels,with raisins, pizza bagels, and they're all gone. Cracks me up. I can't believe everybody ate them. Too funny! Dad tried one, but couldn't get over pizza sauce with cinnamon. 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving mini vacation in Tyler. I didn't realize how refreshing it was to get away. We left Wednesday after work, and got there before ten p.m. Thursday  morning I ran with your aunt and Dad in a turkey trot, fundraising to help sex trafficking victims in Tyler. It could be a great new tradition. It was a beautiful fall day.. Okay, a tradition if the weather is nice. Your aunt is in shape. She almost won her age division. I ran-walked, and Dad walked. But we all finished and medaled. Next time I need a camera. The turkey costumes were funny.

Your aunt and Sawyer went fishing, once Thursday evening and once Friday morning. Sawyer caught fish both times. Of course. After your aunt borrowed a lure she caught a fish on Friday. Good times!

Thursday morning I also helped make pumpkin and apple pies, rolls and stuffing. Your aunt did the rest. It was delicious! We ate those leftovers later that day, and again for lunch on Friday. Even missing three boys, the leftovers went fast. I know there were a few ping pong games, of which you were remembered for, and of which Miller played the most. Be prepared for the new table. It's sweet. Dad threw the football with the boys, talked politics, and played games. Sawyer was given a rip board by your cousin, a skate board with the middle squeezed, that he still continue to enjoy. Breyer spent her time with the dogs, a lot. We always laugh about what the dogs think when she leaves. "Oh good." She also got girl jump time, and doll time, and a new bottle of monster spray. I got our traditional hike. Loved it. We also played sand volleyball, my new favorite tradition that needs to be.  Even if I got hit in the face, left with a purple thumb joint, found sand in my ears two days later, or could barely move the next day. It felt good to serve, bump, dink, dig, sprawl in the beautiful Texas fall weather. We vacated said premises Friday evening, and are all missing said family. Your West Point graduate-to-be found out he'll be working the inauguration detail in January. Your UT Dallas cousin has straight A's, and almost close to passing Porter in number of dates. Your UT Tyler cousin is enrolled in the number one nursing program in the state and succeeding. Life's great in Tyler

Porter was going to go home with a friend for Thanksgiving, and then chickened out at the last minute, felt awkward about contacting Ben, and spent Thursday eating a bowl of cereal. Made me sad! He also got to cook a lot of chicken in Heritage Halls.

That's the wrap up. It was a good week, weekend, holiday. It's a good life. It's the 70th anniversary of It's A Wonderful Life. It is indeed a wonderful life. So glad you're a part of mine.



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