Friday, November 25, 2016


There's something to be said for traditions. I've come to the conclusion it's not Thanksgiving Day, or week, or weekend that makes me happy, it's the things we've come to do over the years. The traditions that make me feel grounded, loved, remembered.

I love our yearly hike to the bamboo forest. Perhaps after such large eating, hiking just feels good, but the beautiful Texas fall weather is a factor, the air with a hint of cold and the sunshine with a hint of warm. The turkey dinner leftovers wafting through the air with a touch of wood smoke. And the hikers,eager to get on the move.

Every year the bamboo expands, encroaches, spreads. Just like family. The little kids are just a little bit bigger, the big kids more bigger and mature, and the continuity of family increasing with births and marriages,

I missed my three boys. I missed their appetites, their ooohs and aaahs over my cooking, their eagerness to dive back into the leftovers, their jokes, hugs and spirit. But I know they're still a part of my forest. We're just spread out a bit this year


shirlgirl said...

Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. I thought Porter was coming home for Thanksgiving? I had a nice time in Marlboro. It was also nice to see Sheryl and Mark Nixon. They are doing well, and she is at peace. Still hard, though. Mark told me that they were just going to have a graveside service in Utah for Reed. There were 170 plus people who paid their respects, so they had a lovely service first. What an awesome family. Love you.

The Renaissance Man said...

Aww I love it! :) we tried calling you Thursday but didn't realize until Friday that you were in Tyler!!! We'll try again soon!