Sunday, November 13, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, sons, and friends -

Porter had your father laughing tonight. Out of 700 plus students in his American Heritage class, he's the only one the teacher knows by name, and has carte blanche to speak up whenever. And, he has a date with a cheer leader he met at a football game. Way to take one for the team. Go Porter!

Tanner turned 24 Saturday. Unbelievable. I can't believe I have a son that old! And my birthday wishes are all in written form over the internet. Go Tanner!

Your younger siblings are having a rough time with germs this year. Breyer's still on antibiotics for strep. When I picked Miller up from school on Friday and he told me he had a sore throat, we drove straight to the doctor's office. Who needs an appointment? They said his quick strep test was negative, but he's suffered all weekend. We'll check more Monday. Last night Breyer was up all night complaining of a sore throat that she did not have when she went to bed. But she was off all day, just not feeling well.

Miller skipped basketball try outs Friday evening but made his soccer game Saturday morning. They didn't have too many problems with the team, so he was happy to kick back in goalie, and not run as much as usual. It was his last regular season game, and when they handed out trophies, he was awarded "Most Versatile" player, as they've used him all over the field.

Sawyer and Cooper had a camp out this weekend. Jarrod and Sawyer couldn't sleep over, but they had a good time trying to fish for catfish. Cooper was a lone man in the wilderness. They played capture the flag until 0330.

Sawyer had a regional band audition Saturday morning, and your father was one of the volunteers. He was three positions away, out of 1100, from making the first cut. Most participants are a grade older than Sawyer, and he was somewhat relieved not to have this commitment. He made the basketball team for his middle school, still waiting to see which team he's on. His first game, away, is this week.

Breyer made me laugh this week. She was eating dinner at the counter and was reminded of her lunch time table. "Mom. Robbie puts his carrots up his nose and then he eats them! That's so gross!" Special Robbie. The next day: "Mom, Robbie brought an apple today and put it in his ear! And he ate it!" She can't say the sound for the "th" blend yet. It sounds like an "f." So "thirty" is "ferty." One day this week when she was counting, and I corrected her, she said, "Mom, that's the naughty brothers sound!" Huh? "Why are they naughty, Breyer?" "Because they stick out their tongue and spit." True! Isn't she funny!

I guess you heard about the election? Trump over Clinton. There have been protests, even here in Dallas. Sawyer was very interested election night, using the large radio, lying on the rug in the library, and keeping track of results.

Cooper made local news with his tennis team: "During the fall season, the GHS team dominated district play with an undefeated record, earning the school’s first district championship since 2003. The squad won third place in the area playoffs. Held in the fall, team tennis involves a combination of matches featuring boys’ singles, girls’ singles, boys’ doubles, girls’ doubles, and mixed doubles."

And last but not least, I was contemplating Veterans Day this week, disappointed I didn't finish my piano lesson in time to hear Sawyer's veteran day's concert. I even taught your father a thing or two, as I was in school with Breyer and Miller, while Breyer was receiving her award...separate post...and watched a celebratory video. Veterans Day used to be celebrated in October, and then was put back on the 11th day of the 11th month, Armistice Day, the day the treaty for World War I was signed.

Uncle Aaron even had a "ruck up" Mount Monadnock, with his thirty pound ruk sack. Go vets! Go Aaron! I digress. Veterans Day is for remembering all veterans, Memorial Day for those veterans who have died. Two days out of 365 we might pause to remember those who served us, those who defend our freedoms, and protect our lands. And because we're forgetful creatures, we have Remembrance Day each Sunday for our Savior who also serves us, defends us, and ultimately protects us, when we partake of the sacrament in an ordinance to help us to always remember Him. I want to do better than twice a year, or once a month, or every other day.

I remember you. Always.



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Bachland :) said...

A 24 year old Tanner, he'll always be a cute little 5 year old in my mind.