Sunday, November 6, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, other boys away from home, and a few friends,

I was watching Miller play soccer yesterday. He's so good. I didn't understand why his coach played him where he was played, back defense, until yesterday's game. He does his job, and does it well. His fancy feet, instead of scoring goals, prevent goals. No ball or attacker got by him. He could dance with the best of those trying to score, and even if he never got his feet on the ball, was able to maneuver the attacker away from his goal. When he did get to kick, the ball was long and strategically placed. One kick went so far, the attacker just assisted for a goal. I sat apart from the stands, and heard his name cheered more frequently than any other. Miller's team could score more goals if he were up front, but so would the opposition. He made me think of you. You're a defender as well, of the truth. And I know you have a few fancy moves in your feet, and your kicks will be just as strategically placed. And if there's no assist to the goal, know your influence on the field and the moves you've made, will always be as assist. Maneuver well, and carry on.

At the Bentwater Halloween party Breyer and I rode the trailer for a hay ride. The weather was beautiful, your sister was adventurous by standing up while the truck was driving, and I was happy to sit and enjoy the view, the air, and the companion.

The kids were lame with their costumes. Because Miller was stilling wearing his basketball clothes, Breyer decided to be a soccer player, and carried a soccer ball. Sawyer joined the club with a basketball. Cooper finally decided he's done.

Last Sunday night Dad went to the annual work World Series party, and won the baseball trivia contest. Again. He dominates. I had to bake an apple pie, of course. And he didn't bring home any leftovers.

Porter called to tell me his classes for next semester, and how excited he was to be taking a  religion class with Tanner. Rounding out his tough schedule are his classes in bowling, nutrition, and social dance, He's known for his athletic prowess on the frisbee field, and is fielding offers from competing teams.

Miller received your letter. What a treasure. He spent forty  minutes reading and reading it. He has it hung on his bulletin board, with your pictures. He would ask me every twenty minutes if I had read it, as he wanted to whisk it away from the kitchen. He promptly wrote you a letter. And, has been reading the Book of Mormon daily. And including Breyer when he can. Such a joy to see him respond to you and your love. He really wants the soccer jersey!

Your father traveled down to the Houston area for a conference Thursday and Friday. While he was gone I appreciated how much he helps with transporting your siblings here and there. One of the graduate students he mentors won the overall competition, which is very good. And he had two others place. Yeah! His superiors were very pleased, and open about their praise. It's always nice to come out a little ahead in the game of life.

Sawyer begins the middle school basketball season this week. They all have Monday off, for a teacher development day, so Tuesday will be hectic. We've asked to drop Cooper off at a member's home, near Sawyer's school, for a ride to seminary. Until they move into the house their building, this will save about fifteen miles in the morning. Hopefully their house won't be finished until Sawyer's finished with his season. I have no doubt Sawyer will make a team, as there is A,B,and a C team, but I'm confident he'll make the A team.

Your sister got another case of strep. She and Miller are both tied at 2 each.

That's the update. Besides telling you I love you. Sorry there's no new pictures! The camera is playing hide 'n go seek.




shirlgirl said...

Great letter. Sorry Breyer and Miller have been getting strep. Is it time to take out those tonsils? Sounds it.

Great letter! Hope you have a nice birthday on the 7th, too.

Bachland :) said...

Sis. B. got new dates for the flights!!!!! We get to stay and play just a little longer!

Bachland :) said...

Happy days, another letter from Elder Schenewark.