Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Hunter,

Sometimes goodbyes are complicated. I'm sure you'll find this out in about a year when you have to leave the people you've served for two years but you'll also be returning to your family. This coming week is our last week in California, and I.

The states for that matter, and our sentiments are, well, bittersweet. Bitter because we've grown to love our ward, the beach, the food scene, the weather, the palm trees, really just about everything except our jobs, which is the sweet part of this deal...we get to say adios to two tough jobs we won't miss a minute afterwards ever. Back to the bitter, we'll be leaving behind many good friends...in-and-out, sushi, Hodads burgers. Yeah it's mainly food, but you'll understand that when you leave Brazil too.

In the meantime were making the most of our last week here, taking in some sights we haven't seen yet and doing lots of swimming in our pool. We're also welcoming AnneMarie's sisters the last half of the week so more on that next week.

This last week our trip to tell about was to point loma, a piece of land that juts out in front of the city, graced equally by a lighthouse and a national cemetery. It's also home to A. G. Spaldings home, an odd looking structure. We enjoyed wandering around the tide pools there, where I slipped when I should have scuttled like the creatures I was observing. We also observed some local surfers taking in crazy swells.

Work's monotony was broken by watching the Olympics.  AnneMarie and I enjoyed watching new sports we had rarely witnessed before, like synchronized swimming, which AnneMarie says she is going to take up, and others like shot put, archery, etc. I also enjoyed hearing the occasional conversation in Portuguese, and getting to see Brazil, albeit a very different one from where I served. You would have recognized the high hills and majestic bays, I certainly did not get to see that while there. Well start planning our trip back as soon as you return ;)

A few weeks ago we went to Chula Vista to tour the Olympic training center in the spirit of the games. I'm so sad the Olympics are over and I have a dream to go to as many Olympic Games as I can in my lifetime! #USAAnneMarie

In other news, Porter's off to college as I'm sure mom will mention. In a way, I feel like a parent a little--I suppose the oldest always does--having seen two of my brothers follow my footsteps to BYU now. We're planning on still living in Provo when you get back so perhaps, depending on when Porter leaves, we'll all three get to rep the y together for a bit.  So far, all three of us have have had/will have different housing experiences our freshman year.  Porter is living at Helaman halls. I'm wagering some weight gains, but nothing he won't loose when he follows both our footsteps to Brazil. Vai batizar!

Ok, I'm rambling, but don't worry. In two weeks time this letter will be coming to you from Paris. That's pronounced Pareeeeee, in case you were wondering.

We love you,

Tanner and AnneMarie

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