Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Hunter!!

You're birthday month has been quite the month here in San Diego! Let's just say I hit a wall here with my job. Or rather a ball. During last week's stake softball tournament game, after hitting a deep center field double and scoring from second, the catcher missed the second baseman's errant throw and I took it straight to the face. Hopefully no permanent damage, but I ended up a bit concussed for about a week and looking like the I had been on the wrong end of a bar fight. I skipped this week's game, which they won handily in the last inning, so the good news is Linda Vista 1st ward survives to play another week. All I want from the season is a blasted home run:)

In other news, tomorrow is August, which means you're almost at a year gone by and essentially at a year to go. Do some soul searching and some evaluating of where you're at and make your second year even better than the first. :)

We've had a busy couple of weeks here in August, and were especially grateful to be able to welcome dad and the gang here for a couple of days. Working this job has kept us too busy in my mind and AnneMarie and I have both sorely missed time spent with family. We've promised ourselves next year will be different because that's all that matters in life anyway. That's a roundabout way of saying that we were very happy everyone could visit. We even got to visit with grandpa and the lozadas. Highlights included the beach (millers favorite) at Coronado island and Laguna, beach volleyball (porters favorite), boogie boarding, and Hodads hamburgers with frings. Yes frings, fries and onion rings.  Those were some burgers! We hiked the bolsa chica wetlands and also went to a dodger game.What a game it was too! Lots of homers, amazing seats and some stadium treats. :) we also toured the mission at San Juan Capistrano which was beautiful and relaxing and walked around down town old town San Diego, the Mormon battalion etc. When we had to rest we caught the olympics and thought of you.

The rest of the week we've tried to swing back into work mode but it's hard once you've had a taste of heaven. (In the case of the Dodgers, blue heaven on earth) we only have two weeks left here so were filled with mixed emotions as we move into the next phase of our lives and bid California goodbye.

But not before we visited Mexico yesterday with the sole purpose of seeing the Tijuana temple. Unreal, but what was very real was the palpable peace that I felt there. You are a traveling vessel of that peace yourself and just like I could instantly feel an external and internal difference between the crazy traffic of Tijuana and the temple grounds, the people you teach will feel that as well, and they will know what you mean already when you begin to teach the about the spirit.

We love life and we love you,

AnneMarie and Tanner

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