Sunday, August 7, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, et al missionaries,

This is 911 art. The image shows different cell towers that are trying to triangulate a phone call I received. The concentric circles overlap over each other, just the way I imagine parts of our lives overlap each other. You, your companion, your district, your zone, your mission, your mission all interact with each other, affect each other, and when working together well, triangulate more effectively, and closely, towards your mission goals.

More art. Although this tower is very isolated, and there is no confusion of the location. Reminds me of the Savior. There is no confusion with him. Just direct communication, love that can be pin pointed to your exact needs, and His understanding you and your needs and desires, perfectly.

We love you! I should say today I love you. The rest of your family is in California. Vacationing. Except Cooper. He stayed behind to try out for tennis, and begin the first week of practice. He made the varsity team! I am SO excited for him! He's only a sophomore. He works very hard at practice, and being a boy, is a hot commodity on the tennis team. Texas football is still a big draw, but the tennis team leads the league every year. He's 10th on the team, and the top 8 travel, so he has dreams and goals to challenge other players, and work his way up onto a travel spot. He'll also get to play in JV meets, because he's not traveling, and plans on bring home lots of metal. Of the medal type.
His try outs were probably during THE hottest week of summer. I think our car registered 106 one day this week. I also decided we should clean the garage. It was a mess. He helped me nail a board on the wall, with spaced apart metal shelve brackets, to separate all the golf bags. I was tired of them toppling over in a pile when they got bumped. I'd take a picture of them, since you'd probably like to see how your old friend is doing, but the camera is in California. Your bag got the first slot, all zipped up, still in its current hibernation state.

As soon as the rest of the family left for California, Cooper and I got busy. He wanted me to go to the store, where he had a few supplies to purchase. He loves crafting airplanes together out of foam boards, and "needed" more foam, xacto knives and blades, glue sticks, tape, and a container to hold all his implements. It was a very late birthday present.

While driving through Bentwater we passed a house being built, and ended up stopping and asking them for their discarded wood pieces. We came home with a car full of large boards, including wall board, that he wanted to use for the top of his work desk he plans to build and keep in the garage. And during 104 degrees of simmering heat he built it. I wish I had my camera! Next week! It's big and beautiful. He has a few finishing touches plus the need to find an appropriate level seat, and he'll be off and designing in the garage.

It's So, so hot. Places sweat I've never before felt drops drip. I spent about two hours on the phone with your grandparents. I love them so much. How lucky am I to have been given the gift of having those two as my parents. Forever. Truly, truly blessed. All that I am is because of them. And we ended with your grandfather thoughtfully offering to pray for me. Perfect. While we were chatting, I kept them laughing with my chores. Moving the canoe back to the deck, picking up trash, cutting long grass against that grows against the house, sweeping...always so much to do.

That's about the news from this week. We love hearing from you, and your adventures from the week past. Take care. Stay safe. Be smart.



P.S. I'm ordering your contacts this week, and questioned them about the prescription.

P.P.S. Just found this message from June: Hi Amy, Please tell Hunter Jim has had brain tumor and lung cancer.  Tumor removed and doing well .  Will start treatments for cancer soon.  Would love to hear from him. Jim thinks the world of him.  Love you all.   Bobbie

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Bachland :) said...

Wonderful letter, we'll call tonight and chat with Cooper and Mom! Long distance FHE.