Sunday, August 14, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark et al missionaries,

We always have The Best Two Years playing on Sunday. We love the story, the music...your brothers have all the lines memorized. The movie epitomizes missionary life, in a semi-realistic way, and helps in promoting missionary spirit. Cooper and I enjoy singing the songs together, thinking of you.

Cooper and I spent a lot of time together this week with the rest of the family in California. We cleaned, organized, relaxed. He built a lot of forthcoming. He's amazing.

The family had a wonderful time in California. Your aunt drove down to San Diego, and was able to spend time with them. Your grandfather was a gracious host and accommodated the large crowd that descended on him as well. And your brother and his cute wife were the sponsors of their extended stay. This week I'll try to share their adventures. But Sawyer and Miller are enjoying their new golf bag and clubs, and fishing poles. Breyer was a hit, and wheedled a few things of grandpa's garage sale garage, mostly things that were pink.

Your father had me laughing with his story of how it's easier to get an immigrant in to California, than it was for him to enter the fruit fly check point with two apples he bought at a store. Good times with border patrol.

One of the brown sign stops your father made was at a date farm. He brought me some yummy samples home, fresh from California.

Your brother Sawyer was very creative when Breyer was traveling and became car sick. Sawyer would tie a bandanna around her eyes, and she was fine. Did they enjoy feeding her? Better than the alternative, of having her food come back up.

Before the boys even arrived home your Texas aunt and Luke were on our doorstep for a last hurrah with Porter. Luke goes to school Friday, and Porter flies out a week from tomorrow.

Your aunt, her first night here, smelled smoke in the middle of the night, and felt like she needed to be vigilant in staying awake in case of fire. Turned about to be from Cooper's sleeping bag and cot,brought out to sleep with Luke, which was recently home from a scout camp out, with lingering smells of camp fire.

They made multiple trips to the lake, morning and evening, hoping to catch a fish, but Sawyer and Cooper had the only catches.

Your grandparents were honored this week at Fenway Park. This is a new, yearly Mormon night presentation, an award named after your grandparents, given to a couple that exemplifies certain Hutchins' Values.

Some interesting news tidbits I saw this week that made me think of you: Fort Phoenix: 'Pokémon Go' Players Damaging Revolutionary War Fort in Massachusetts, The fort's caretakers said players are vandalizing stone walls, digging holes and leaving barrels of trash. Town officials estimate it will take $8,000 to fix the damage, the Boston Herald reports.

Jim Furyk was the last player to shoot a score of 59 on the PGA Tour back in 2013, and he broke his own record and made history Sunday in the final round of the Travelers Championship. Furyk carded his seventh consecutive birdie at the par-4 12th, meaning he could par the rest of the holes to shoot 59 on the par-70 course - but Furyk wasn't finished carding red numbers. A few pros have shot 58 in the past, notably Tour player Stephan Jaeger just last week, but Furyk is the only to do it on the PGA Tour, and he became the first player to shoot multiple rounds in the 50s in tour history.

This is from Whitney Johnson: One of the curiosities of this year’s Olympiad is the return of golf after a 112 year hiatus, absent from the competition since 1904. Why it was discontinued back then I don’t know, but it has been reinstated because of its growing popularity worldwide. It’s a tentative return; golf is only on the schedule for the 2016 and 2020 Games for now. The powers-that-be will assess and decide whether to continue it beyond that. Because in the midst of the modest fanfare heralding golf’s return to Olympic competition, came Nike’s announcement that they will soon discontinue manufacturing golf equipment. Nike Golf is the worst performing category in the company. Adidas made a similar announcement in May, although instead of simply discontinuing their TaylorMade line of golf equipment, they are trying to position the division attractively for a sale. Despite the reports of golf’s growing popularity in the world, in the U.S., which accounts for about half the global market, the number of golfers has shrunk from an estimated 30 million in 2000 to 23 million today. More golf courses are closing each year than coming on line.

We love you dearly. We love to hear from you. We love your newsy letters. We love you.



Bachland :) said...

What a wonderful week and so much to report! We loved talking with everyone last night. That is an impressive airplane, nearly life size! Looking forward to seeing everyone before too long.

shirlgirl said...

Wow, you had a fabulous week! Glad you could make it--sounds like it was lots of fun.

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