Sunday, December 13, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Today was delightful. The annual Primary children's sacrament meeting program. And you know how there's always one child that makes everybody laugh? Snicker a little, chuckle, smile broadly? Today it was your sister. In her first ever program, front and center with the rest of the Sunbeam class, she was in her glory. She quickly found Cooper, who was diligently trying to make her laugh with his faces, and started copying Cooper. Scared face, sad face, happy face, crazy face, you get the idea. Then Cooper started laughing for real, which caused her to bust up, during the singing. When I got Cooper under control, and got eye contact with her, she tried really, really hard to focus and sing, which was difficult because she didn't know the words to the song, so then she looked like she was in pain. Too funny. Her finale was to watch as she become aware of eyes on her, uncomfortable enough to run down the stairs and into our row.

These pictures are from Sawyer's basketball game, but it gives you a small glimpse into her facial expressions:

Since we're sharing Breyer, here are a few 'isms from this week I remembered to write down.

"I just can't say no, these cookies are magical. May I please have one more?"

"Miller is my prince, and he's the only one that can be called my sweet darling."

"Miller! Haven't you learned you're not suppose to shut the door in front of a woman!"

Dad and Breyer adventures: The first day Dad didn't have to drive into work? I found him laying on the carpet in the kids' bedroom, after having built Breyer a hot wheel track, that ended in a jump, handing her cars to try on the track. Perfect.

Two times this week he came home from work and took Breyer fishing here in Bentwater. Dad caught one large mouth bass.

When Dad found a clogged toilet, Breyer decided to follow him, and became his "fire in the hole" yeller. It was hysterical.

Mishaps? The suitcase pile in the closet, seven feet tall, falling on top of Breyer. She laughed.

Breyer hanging on a pole above the basketball stands, letting loose, slipping, and hitting the back of her head hard enough to generate a golf ball size lump? She cried.

Making lunches and having the whole bag of barbeque chips empty in the aluminum foil/saran wrap drawer? Made me almost cry ;-)

In the news? Uncle Aaron found this picture of him reffing a game - awesome!

Uncle Roger's father passed away last week in Virginia. He was buried this weekend in Connecticut. I love that your cousin was able to play TAPS at his graveside.

Did you know the 2016 manual for Priesthood is Howard W. Hunter? We'll save you an English version for when you get home.

It's rumored that Mendenhall is taking six coaches with him to Virginia, and the Navy coach, featured in Meet the Mormons, is traveling to Utah for an interview. 

Monday, after catching up a bit in wash, dishes and toys, plus babysitting the Watson children while their mother went to the dentist, and teaching my piano lesson, Breyer and I made Miller a cake. He wanted his usual chocolate cake with vanilla/mint frosting, and crushed peppermint on top. Unfortunately, I had no cocoa powder, so I made a white cake instead. Yum! He's 9, born at 9 a.m., weighing 9 pounds. His favorite color is red, he loves to watch and play baseball the best, and his favorite food to eat is spaghetti.

Porter played basketball Tuesday evening, then Thursday through Saturday. I don't think they won a game. But he's their best cheerleader.

Yesterday your brothers both had basketball games. I went to Miller's game, Sawyer was accompanied by Dad, his assistant coach, and Porter was left on his own. Where is another supporter when you need one? Miller made six out of their eight points, but came up one basket short for the win. The teams he plays seem to be divided really even this year. Sawyer's first game was very physical, and he fell a few times, was elbowed once or twice, lost his contact in one eye near the end of the game, and finished playing with only one in. They secured the win by a basket or two. His second game, a second team that plays traveling teams, was a blow-out, 46-4 in their favor.

Did you get two weeks' worth of letters? If not, I'll send them both again.

Have you gotten any emails from my blog?

I sent two emails, copied from my blog, so you'd have a few pictures. I'll try to send more if you need them?

Let me close with this thought by Elder Bruce D. Porter: "We live today in an era of turbulence and uncertainty, a time the Lord prophesied to Enoch would be marked by “days of wickedness and vengeance..." The Lord will stand by His Church and people and keep them in safety until His coming. There will be peace in Zion and in her stakes, for He has proclaimed “that the gathering together upon the land of Zion, and upon her stakes, may be for a defense, and for a refuge from the storm, and from wrath when it shall be poured out without mixture upon the whole earth." 

May you be safe, may you prosper, and may you have success in your many righteous efforts.



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