Monday, December 28, 2015

Letter #19

Dear Family and Friends,

It was great to Skype with ya'll! And crazy tornadoes! Glad everyone is safe!

For transfers....I´m staying!! Not too much of a surprise, but I was glad to hear. And my companion Elder Costa is as well. I think we´ll accomplish a  lot this transfer.

Right now, lots of people are at the beach. The town´s practically deserted. Lots of the members have left for this week too. For lunches this past week, we had three people, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday cancel, because they were out of town, and gave us some money to buy food. It was weird not eating beans for three days.

 But we´ve been able to find some people, and have kept working with the member list this past week. Saturday was awesome! We worked with a member all afternoon, and it made a huge difference. One person we visited hadn't been to church in years but said how she´s been looking for answers, and so have her sons, and she´s coming back, and they are preparing for baptism! But as we taught, she told us how she could feel the Holy |Ghost and knew this was right.

After lots of visits, the member bought us each a giant hamburger! It had bacon, two patties, bananas, fried potato slices, two eggs, and more, it was absolutely delicious! And at 18 reais, for those doing the math at home, that's $4.50. Definitely capped off a great day.

Sunday was strange. After church (we've had church at 9 am, but starting next week, it starts at 2:30 pm) we had wonderful churrasco at a member´s house. It was the best lunch I've had here. Maybe in my life. Then we went to a new neighborhood, contacted all the less-actives, I was chased by a vicious dog, saw a macumba or black magic church for the first time, a wild (or loose) horse and Elder Costa was pooped on by a bird. It was just a weird afternoon in the neighborhood. But like Alma, we were received by one family, so we´ll be returning.

That night we taught someone who´s been attending church for a couple of months, but hasn't progressed much, and I actually wanted to drop him, but this visit, we went in with no prepared lesson, and both felt strongly to teach about temples and eternal marriage, and it went great. He accepted a baptismal date for this Saturday. I´m super excited and praying it will hold.

In Alma, 34:26, Amulek gives a great discourse on prayer, and at the end says, "But this is not all; ye must pour out your souls in your closets, and in your secret places, and in your wilderness."

I've been working this week on pouring out my soul in prayer. Preach my gospel counsels to give the Lord an accounting of your day, at the end of everyday, and doing this has changed my prayers, and made them more meaningful. And then, Amulek talks a little more, saying our prayers are in vain if we don´t then help the needy, afflicted. It's a great chapter.


Elder Schenewark

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Bachland :) said...

This was so good I had to read it twice to get twice the enjoyment from it.