Saturday, December 12, 2015

Brotherly Love

Dear Hunter,

Hope you are having a fly week, uma boa semana:) We are in full-swing of final projects, final classes, final tests--all those good things. This probably isn't super exciting to you, but I wanted to share that one final project I had to do was literally BOOK length. I spent like twenty dollars on printing. I worked a basketball game this week too.

Today's the most exciting day of our week: we're making hundreds of cookies to deliver to family and friends, in the Hunter spirit. AnneMarie is a baker par excellence! and our house smells divine. Plus she boogies while she bakes and I love that:) Some lucky people are going to be getting some treats today:)

I think of you frequently throughout my days and week. I know how hard mission's can be and also how wonderful they are. You're doing wonderfully, just keep it up.

Did you get to see the Christmas devotional last week? We weren't able to get tickets to it so we watched it at home. I enjoyed the choir's rendition of Christina Rossetti's "In the Bleak Midwinter" and Elder Bednar's talk on Christ as being represented by light. There is such powerful scriptural imagery associated with light and, conversely, darkness. Whenever that comes up in your study I think its worth imagining how it can refer to Christ directly. Being married is a wonderful, wonderful experience and it brings with it new challenges all its own. No matter our challenges though, the light that drives away darkness in our lives and fills us with peace is the same.

Also, I know that the church has finished a King James Bible in Portuguese. Are people using it down there? How'd the language coming? If you have questions I can help. I know that sometimes Brazilians aren't very good at explaining their own language so I'm here if you need me.

Praying for you, Proud of you, and Preaching love with cookies,

Com muito amor e carinho,


p.s. One of the photos is from when we went and taught 2nd graders about the Pilgrims and Indians:)

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