Monday, December 7, 2015

Letter #16

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, I did get your email from last week now. and I don't know if you sent it today or what, but I am guessing yes, because you said backup, but I only got one, and no blog posts, so I don't think they are going through, with the blog, only email. and no pictures? But tanner sent some that I got, so I have no idea. Good luck!

To answer the questions, I'll pass on the sunglasses. I don't need shoes either right now. 

In terms of water, the water in Cacheiro is more or less okay :) so I use my filter. There are some places here where it's bad. Once we knocked (or rather clapped) and someone answered. We stayed behind the wall, and bars and started teaching them, and then they went and got water without us asking. She brought back one cup, my companion drank it, and when she went back inside to get water for me, he looked at me, and said, "The water tasted really bad, and try to drink as little as possible." So she came back, gave it to me, and as we kept talking, I would feign a drink, drop the cup below the wall, and pour it out. So I didn't drink any. Parasites scare the socks off me. And she didn't notice.

In Colatina, I don't know exactly what's going on, but I do know there has been a region in Espirito Santo that has not had any water here for a while. but here we have plenty.

It is a lot more tropical here than I thought. When people ask if I think it's hot, and I say yes, because it is, they laugh and with a twinkle in their eye, say, "Wait until January and February!" We are just starting summer! and sometimes it's not too hot or sunny, but the humidity is incredible.

The climate is great for growing food. I've seen wild banana trees growing on the side of the road, one star fruit tree, and hundreds of mangoes. I eat or drink mango juice almost every day. There was one day this week, where a couple houses we stopped at offered us mango juice. I drank so much! It's really good, and like 100 % mango.

The ward here is fantastic!They keep giving out referrals like crazy. The Elders Quorum President here joined about 14 months ago, and has been a rock since then. He asked us to go visit his children and their spouses who live in a cheaper part of town. You could tell he really wanted them to understand and accept the gospel. He came with us, and we taught them, and it went really well! The kids talked about how their dad has changed in the last year, and they're interested to know why. They all came to church and we´ll be teaching them again!

The one investigator I wrote about last week was scheduled for baptism this week. she went from two bottles of coffee a day to zero in one week. A miracle. She talked about how when she tried to drink it once, she couldn't, her body wouldn't let her and she threw it back up. Unfortunately, right now she is in the hospital with a tumor they discovered, and doing okay, nothing serious, it just has to be removed, so everything is on hold until she's back up and running, but I´m excited!

As a mission we are reading the Book of John in entirety, one chapter a day, and then the first two chapters of Matthew, and then the first two chapters of Luke, finishing Luke 2 on Christmas. So far it's been great, and ya'll should join in.

One other scripture I really liked that I read recently was Matthew 16;26: "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"

It's had me thinking. For, when we cheat on a test and get a score five % higher, are we not to some degree selling our soul for 5% on a meaningless test? Or when our parents ask us to do something, like vacuum, and we disobey, are we not selling our soul at least in part for five more minutes of free time? As Christ says here, even if we gained the whole world, which is way more than 5% on a test, we lose what is worth more.

Love Elder Hunter Schenewark

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Bachland :) said...

We may include a nice bottle of New England spring water in your next box!