Monday, August 31, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner, and Elder Schenewark:

What a week. Having a son leave for a two year mission, and another in the throes of getting ready for a wedding is just a tad bit overwhelming. Oh. Did I forget to mention four of your brothers also began school this week?

All their online forms were filled in, versus mounds of paperwork to return; school supplies purchased and divided; digging out lunchboxes, restocking the shelves with clean laundry, and going to bed. Earlier. And it takes both of us to get everybody out the door, dropped off, picked up, and dropped off again. Do you remember last year's letter when we described Cooper getting off his bus, walking like an old man, because of his athletic work outs? The scene has repeated itself, only this year it's Sawyer. And instead of Cooper's one year tenure, he'll be at that school for three years!

I've been thinking a bit of the difficulties we've encountered getting you on your mission. I should have known back in April, when it took us three days to get your license, it wasn't going to be easy. Multiple visa applications, multiple consulates, more money, more FBI clearances, more fingerprints,..throw in a few car accidents on the way to the airport, two upset stomach deposits, a missed flight, a standby that was too full, arriving at the training center six hours later than everybody is known you are not the ordinary missionary. On both sides of the war you'll be fighting. We were disappointed not to have received the customary picture of your arrival, but your departure from Tanner, and your cousins, was wonderful.

Breyer moved right into her life-without-anybody-else-home routine without blinking. She spent most of this week playing with her plastic frogs,snakes and lizards like they were dolls. They went in her doll house, in her bicycle basket, in the pirate ship, in the bathtub...constant companions. Her reptile library book she brought home completed her foray into this environment completely. For being such a girly girl, I think it's funny. And I am convinced I'll never understand her but I always enjoy her.

Cooper won his first tennis match, six games, 6-0. It was an away day, but most of his will be on the home court.

Porter's football team had their first game Friday night under the lights, and walked off 49-6 in the hole. But your brother looked great, and has a big fan base. Our neighbor up the street asked to be his "grid-iron girl," so she gets to bring him a basket of goodies every game day, as well as wear her "grid iron girl" tee shirt with his name and number. Some players are having to find their own grid iron girls so Porter is fortunate ;-)

Did you know elephants sway side to side trying to touch each other because they're lonely? And when granted wide open spaces they bark, growl, rumble and trumpet as they bump and nudge each other playfully like children. They are good to their mothers and take care of one another and can signal members of their pack from great distances with vibrations and odors that humans can't' hear or smell. Elephants are very intelligent and sensitive and cry. Not that I'm comparing either of you to an elephant. Your nephew baby Ben has that distinction. He was a master communicator with his mother, and he was good to her as well, and had an awesome rumble. But, I like the family aspect of an elephant herd, and neither of you are in our herd at the present time. So while you're bumping others, when you're lonely, and nudging those when you want to play, remember your mother. Write often, call when you can.



P.S. Hunter, just for you to answer:
Tanner's taking the same marketing class he took last semester. It requires an online text that you already purchased so he would like to use the same copy if you could provide me with your login to the myeducator web site. It'd save him $60:)

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MarieC said...

A FEW CAR ACCIDENTS on the way to the airport?? Hopefully Elder Schenewark was not involved directly in any of them. You weren't kidding when you said it was quite the story!