Sunday, August 2, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner,

Another week down in the books. Your week, from your quick note, was very productive. It's wonderful to have weeks such as yours, especially when you're on your own and away from those you love.

Of course the beginning of this week was the end of cousin Ruth's visit.They were inseparable while here, and I was expecting serious withdrawals, but your brothers were enough of a distraction. They spent most of their time catching toads, and she visits the toad families living on our back porch everyday. She came inside today, giggling, running to the bathroom, because the big toad peed on her hand. And lately, she has been known to mumble "Rapunzel" while sleeping.

Porter and Sawyer were away this week, spending more time with their Texas cousins. What a fun summer it's been with all our traveling and trips. Dad, Cooper and Hunter went up Friday evening to pick them up, and came home last night...all sunburned from relaxing in the new swimming pool. I'm sure your sunburn comes only from walking and working six days a week ;-)

Hunter played golf every day this week, twice on Wednesday as this was the weekly golf tournament he was excited to play in again. And his foursome won! He was very excited. His shots were used the most, but he did not have the winning shot.

Cooper had four days of tennis camp and walked away all days as doubles champ. He'll be trying out early tomorrow morning. Dad bought him a new pair of Nike shoes on the way home yesterday at the outlet, so he's convinced he'll be undefeatable.

Porter's football practice begins in the morning as well, 7 a.m. early. Dad's decided he's going to drop him off at 6:45 and just continue on into work. He's been practicing his kicks, from the backyard. If it goes over the house he knows he was successful ;-)

Hunter and I will be in get-ready-for-the-mission mode this week. We've found a just retired sewer who is willing to help us cut and hem all his white, long-sleeve shirts. Yeah! He's dragging his feet but hopefully we can get him to the health department for the three shots he needs to travel abroad. He's counting his black socks and pants, and putting away things he won't be needing for two years.

Speaking of missions, this picture of your cousin wins the picture of the week. She's totally oblivious at the moment, and she's radiant and adorable.

Enjoy your week! Your father and brothers are headed to California...such travelers! What a summer! I'll be home for you to phone ;-)



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Bachland :) said...

Hey Sis. B. and I were married there! Wonderful place, we miss it. Knowing they have great Elders and Sisters makes us want to be home even more.