Monday, August 10, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner,

It's been a lonely existence over here, your father and three brothers left Thursday morning for California. That leaves me, your sister, and Porter, who stayed behind because of football, to man the house. Sleep in different beds every night. Enjoy chips with every lunch because they don't disappear in one day! Drink out of the milk carton, all three of us guilty as charged. We've enjoyed our quiet days. The hardest part has been getting Porter to football practice, leaving at 6:20 a.m. This has been a rude awakening for school and seminary, which is upon us too soon. We have to get Breyer up, and she moans and groans, whines, cries, and is miserable all the way over and back. Then she falls asleep until I leave to pick him up. before ten. Porter had am inner squad scrimmage on Saturday, with pads. It's always weird to see your son in a football uniform for the first time. He's the third, but Dad was really the first.

And they took my camera. To California. So I can't make you laugh with your sister's funny antics. Like climbing doorways, all the way to the ceiling. Who taught her that? Or the picture of her stepping in bird poop that accumulates outside our front door would have been kind of funny.

She misses all her brothers. Porter's pretty entertaining, but she'd like a little variety, so she's spent a LOT of time on the phone. She'll call her dear friends, and play the "Guessing Animal" game. And will stay on the phone until someone tells her she's done. She's won. In more ways that one.

We were looking out our window this week, Breyer and I, because it's too HOT to do anything else, and saw a road runner sneak up onto the back patio. Of course we ran to the glass back door, to get a better look, just in time to see him grab a small toad in his beak and run away. We were so surprised! We've seen road runners eat bugs, like grasshoppers, when they pass through the backyard, but never anything so substantial. In the words of your sister, "Disgusting!"

Today she happened to see a hummingbird fly by, and ran to see if it was at our hummingbird nectar hanging over the back patio. For this little occurrence to make it through my thoughts and onto the screen hopefully gives you an idea of how excited she was to see the hummingbirds come back.

The boys have had a wonderful trip in California. Your grandfather was very generous and accommodating to have that entourage descend upon him for a few days. As well as your aunt. Both of them. We've spent a lot of time with them this summer, and it has been wonderful.

I loved the photos you sent...this is an amazing sunset. And your young adult activity of eating with a variety of utensils, is fun!

However, your sweet thing of a fiance scared me to death with this photo!

I much prefer to know of her African adventures with photos such as these ;-)

I believe in you, and know you can have a most amazing week this week, and make that goal. Of this I'm certain ;-)



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The Renaissance Man said...

Thanks Mom:) Love you too.

p.s. i take credit for her climbing skills;)