Monday, August 24, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner,

Last week you'll be by yourself receiving letters! Hunter will be joining your out-of-the-house rank, but we still have no travel plans, day or time. We do know he won't be going to train in Brazil, instead, Utah, as his VISA problems are still not resolved.

He and I will be packing up his clothes from the summer,and his suitcases, while the rest of your brothers are headed off to the first day of school. Miller and I spent the evening last night at the store with everybody's school supply lists, counting the number of pink erasers we'd need, as well as white board markers, spiral notebooks, etc. Good math review, plus he enjoys pushing the shopping cart.

The air conditioner puckered out yesterday. Friday I noticed a "spot the size of a pillow in the kitchen ceiling I hadn't noticed before, and upon climbing on my counters discovered it was wet. Your father spent Saturday morning with a shop vac sucking water out of the full drain pan, and we delighted in finding out our home warranty purchased for us at closing doesn't expire until the second of September. Hopefully they'll be here tomorrow morning. 100 degrees in the house with no air has been oppressive. All the brothers are on the floor, and Dad's on a cot. We borrowed a fan today.

We helped a family unload their moving truck Saturday morning. Hunter, Cooper, Sawyer and I were the only welcome committee that was invited, so we tried to make quick work of their U-Haul arriving from Florida. He's here to run the juvenile detention center for the county, and is your father's first counselor now.

We had some great thoughts on the sabbath day today. My favorite was being asked how different are we than the people of Israel? They couldn't shop, they had no media, maybe a donkey and a hut. Are we more rebellious than they, in regards to keeping Sunday holy.

Did I mention how hot it is?



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