Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Look Up!

There are several requirements to hike, as a Webelos, to prepare them for Boy Scouts. Our art museum has a large tract of land deeded to them, with the original land that the museum was built on, and it has been landscaped with several smaller and longer trails and loops.

Our guide, a father that had been on the trails a LONG time ago, set the ground rules: 1. Stay on the trails. 2. An adult leads the way, and brings up the rear. 3. Leave no trace. That's it.

We had talked about what to bring to be prepared, such as flashlights, as we would be finishing the hike in the dark. And when the lights came on, I let two of the boys lead my way. So my focus became on the ground where the light shone, instead of looking up. Since I was the leader in the front, I disobeyed rule #2. And I took the wrong fork in the road. We quickly realized that we were not on the trail, but trying to find the trail, and /or return to the original trail, was difficult in the dark, on a hill, in unchartered territory.

Reminds me of this talk, and his admonition to also "Look Up!"

I related my thoughts to the boys, apologized for breaking the rules, and quickly found the trail.

I am STILL learning! And hiking was a wonderful way to be reminded of life's important lessons.

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Wholly Duncan said...

Those smiles tell me they weren't too concerned the trail was missed. Looks like a great time!