Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter #63


(saying goodbye!)

Dear Family,

I'm sorry this letter will probably be the shortest ever. I'm so busy!!!! I wrote zone letters today and my pictures don't seem to be loading, but life is excellent here. E. Carrell is the bomb, our new area is fantastic and we baptized two this week, both miracles and proof that God blesses missionaries that talk to everyone, like Elder Ballard said. 

We held a zone meeting, chased lizards, were rained on torrentially throughout the week and had a great time getting our zone excited for the transfer and watching conference together without any kinks in the transmission.

Loved all of conference but missionary preference goes to Elders Nelsen and Ballard, who were bolder than bold, also loved the others, more on that the next week.

My old area was closed as well as the many others in the stake. Elder Carrell is not feeling too well. We're going to make some mac and cheese today and sleeeeeep : )

Zone conference this week too, expect lots of pictures!




MarieC said...

Wow, that WAS a short letter! I hope this is not a sign of things to come now that he is Zone Leader. :-|

Bachland :) said...

Busy in a very good work. We all look forward to next week, but Elder S. is doing just what he needs to be doing, working for the Lord.

MarieC said...

BTW, the elder in the third picture is Elder Faustino, who was companions with Elder Cummings in Bauru.

Jennifer Whitcomb said...

I always loved conference weekend when was Roger was on his mission... I could count on those times being the ones where I KNEW we were all doing the same thing together at the same time... listening to the same counsel and soaking in the same spirit. I love your missionary!