Friday, October 25, 2013

League of Bowlers

Mr. "Super Bumper Boy" Cool Hand Cooper

Mrs. "Mom"

Miss "Better Than 'Bama Babe" Breyer

(Who insisted on holding a nine pound pink bowling ball while waiting for her turn!)

Mr. "Can't See'em if I Strike Out Bowling Sweetheart" Sawyer

Mr. "High Scoring" Honey

Mr. "Won't Use the Germ Holes" Hunter

 Mr. "Incredi-Bowl Machine" Miller

Miss Breyer's size 8's ;-)

The Drops of Defeat

Mr. "Wearin' Uncle David's Shoes Two Sizes Too Small" Pinched Porter


Wholly Duncan said...

My favorite is the "germ holes". Looks like fun!

Alana said...

Looks like some good family fun- just wash your hands afterwards Hunter!

shirlgirl said...

Love the pink bowling ball. Sorry Porter's feet hurt wearing Uncle David's bowling shoes--amazing that they were too small for him. Great pictures.