Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cooper's Hand - Some Hand

Cooper "jammed his left pinky finger" twelve days ago, and by day eight, when the swelling had gone down, it was obvious something wasn't quite right.

The top part of the bone was sheared off - it's called a condylar fracture.

The new growth was cut, the pins put in, and his hand stitched up.
He'll be as good as new, in a while!


Bachland :) said...

Cooper, that looks like a major ouch!

MarieC said...

Oh, OW! I can't imagine how many times you've been to the ER with the number of boys you have. You probably have a parking stall with your name on it. With just two, I was there enough, though mostly with Eldon. We teased him that his initials really stood for Emergency Room, not Eldon Ray!

Hope Cooper heals quickly.

Wholly Duncan said...

Poor Cooper! Hope he feel better.

shirlgirl said...

Oh, Cooper, so sorry about your injury and your surgery. Breyer looks like she was having a great time while you were waiting for the doctor. Hope you feel better soon.

CubSctAnn said...

When first I glanced at the first picture, I thought, who's that cute nurse helping Cooper? Then as I looked at the next picture, saw that it was Breyer! WOW has she GROWN, like Jack's beanstalk? They are so lovely (kids at that age), wish they'd never grow up (though glad they do!). Thanks for the fun pictorial adventures ;)