Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

There's nothing  nicer than a Fraser Fir...makes for a beautiful Christmas tree!

Miller's star was the first thing on...he remembered his gift from last year. 

Cooper didn't want to wait for anyone...it was time to decorate!

Miller was happy to join his brother in decorating.

The floodgates were open. Sawyer was quick to join in.

Jarrod was our Christmas story reader.
He had some nice inputs, such as: The gifts the wisemen brought were in fact probably lifesaving, providing the means necessary for Joseph and Mary to flee to Egypt.

Porter was nativity director extraordinaire...

Breyer was good at finding ornaments on the floor, but really loved the jingle bells. 

Hunter was the last to hang his ornaments, as Porter has chosen to wait until Tanner can come home to finish decorating the tree.


Becky said...

laughing at Hunter's outfit...baby it's cold INSIDE!!! =)

Duncan Chaos said...

I remember the Christmas story at your house last year. Fun memories!

shirlgirl said...

Is that the hat I made for Hunter? I think it is sweet that Porter wants to wait for Tanner to finish decorating. Have any of the porcelain ornaments survived your many moves? My last tree was Christmas of 2009. I'll just enjoy everyone else's tree from now on.

Jenny said...

I can't BELIEVE your nativity set has survived all these years!!!

Bachland :) said...

Can you send about 6 boys and 1 little girl up to decorate our tree? Not sure we are going to get one up this year other than the big ones outside.

The Mormon Monk said...

Good one, Jarrod--thanks for sharing.

LL said...

Hunter is looking all grown up all of the sudden.
(and that's how we dress in our house too--LAYERS)

CubSctAnn said...

Our tree is finally UP, thanks for the motivation! And I recognize some of those ornaments being put on your tree: S, H, Fluffy, etc! Now I'm motivated to go and start wrapping presents, thanks for the fun pix! :)