Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christ is the Reason

Once yearly we pause and stop seeing flaws,

In the lives of those we don’t know.

More apt to forgive and let others live,

Our kindness and patience o’erflow.

Christ is the reason we have this season,

Where his peace seems to rule the day.

His life was a test so ours could be blessed,

By the boy who was born in hay.

He was born to forgive so we could live,

In spite of the things that we’ve done.

He paid the dear price through his sacrifice,

And by that our freedom he’s won.

From a humble birth came a soul of worth,

Sent by our Father in Heaven.

His embrace will heal and help us to feel,

The love that is our life’s leaven.

Ken Hutchins

Christmas - 2011

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shirlgirl said...

Beautiful post, and thank you. Merry Christmas to all of you. Sending lots of love to everyone.