Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread House Creations

Hunter nibbles on his pieces.
 Actually, he was making grooves so the walls would hold together better, but no one will want to eat his house.

Miller eats all the candy.

Sawyer spills the most candy.

Cooper puts together houses on the first try with the least amount of frosting

Porter uses the most candy.

Finding details on the houses is the BEST!

Miller's house looks like a face with big lips.

Sawyer's campfire includes a marshmallow on a stick.

Sawyer's door came with a person.

Cooper's roof tiles were amazing.

Cooper's snowman with the red top hat was very festive. 

 Porter's yard decor was BEAUTIFUL!

This year we started a new tradition...we asked the missionaries to find families with children to share our creations. We gave them a few ideas, but thought that would be a fun way for them to share in our Christmas creations.



Bachland :) said...

Wish we were there to share them with you, they look so Yummy!

Duncan Chaos said...

YUM! Looks like a lot of fun, one of these years I'll let my kids try it!

shirlgirl said...

Wow!! Great job, and what a nice idea to give them to other children. Love it!

Alana said...

Looking tasty boys. I'm sure you will be making someone's Christmas that much sweeter.

CubSctAnn said...

What fun! Did the elders keep track while tracting? Who got Hunter's nibbled on House?! I really really admire Coopers beautiful roof! This year I am voting on Porter's gingerbread house, since I love the candy/chocolate walkway, the way I made mine last year! It also was the best tasting part a month later when it got eaten hehe

Jenny said...

hooray for TRADITIONS!

Jo Jo said...

Sawyer thought it was really fun decorating the gigerbread houses with candy ,YUM!