Sunday, September 18, 2011


Many of us expect the greatest dangers in life to be preceded by some great announcement or warning. But it is not always so. Some of the dangers you face are so subtle you may have difficulty detecting them. Satan knows this, and he has a plan to degrade human beings and destroy the souls of men. He looks for those who are inexperienced and not prepared, and he deceives them...Just as in nature, where storms are preceded by strong winds and dark rain clouds, there are prior warnings if we look for them...Anything that is contrary to your standards, that goes against correct principles, will trigger a warning...When you feel these warnings, get immediately away from danger. The best help you can have during critical moments will be the Holy Ghost. You have the right to his companionship. He will reveal to you what is right and what is wrong, and help you make correct decisions. But you must live worthily in order to receive his help."
Elder Ayala, 1993

Not every home we've lived in has a red light attached to it.
It's the "Sewer Alarm," warning you something is amiss with the sewer,
which causes the whole neighborhood to be in alarm as well.
1. Friday morning, 2 a.m. "Our light is on, can this wait until the morning?"
2. Saturday morning, 8 a.m. "We called last night, our light is on, call us back!"
3. Saturday evening, 8 p.m. "We called you early this morning, and haven't seen anybody yet. Should we be worried?"
4. Sunday morning, 8 a.m. "The neighbors are beginning to talk!"
5. Sunday afternoon, "I have six kids, and they can't hold it any longer!"


Duncan Chaos said...

Oh Amy, I hope it all turns out well.

shirlgirl said...

Have they come yet? What is/was the problem?

LL said...

this stresses me.

Aaron H. said...

What in the world is going on?

Jenny said...

now I KNOW the end is near!!!

Alana said...

Houses should not need red lights like those. That's disturbing that they plan on things going wrong enough to need a light.