Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cub Scout Bicycle Rodeo

This pack meeting had to be one of the most well-attended I've ever seen. There were close to 40 boys there to participate!

Sawyer was Mr. Speed Demon, and had to be reminded often it wasn't a race.

Cooper was Mr. Cruise, barely pedaling, and trying to be cool under pressure.

There were helmet checks, arm signaling checks, brake checks, and bike handling checks built in to the course.

Everyone wanted to go through more than once, so there were lines all night long!

Miller was the only one on a scooter, and knew it. He could feel every set of eyes on him as he zipped around the course. But he loves scouts, and doing what his brothers are doing, so he endured.

Very good times on Tuesday night!


Bachland :) said...

But did Hunter get to take the big van around the course? What a fun Pack meeting they had, and the scooter was the best.

Duncan Chaos said...

Oh it makes me miss that great cub scout troop! Wish The Boy could have been there, he would have loved it.

LL said...

Now that makes scouting look fun

shirlgirl said...

Glad they had such a fun time!

Janeen said...

Looks like fun! That is a great turn out.