Monday, September 19, 2011

Sharing with Sawyer

Today after school Sawyer told me how his teacher had given the children in his class pennies for reading dates

"I found a 1906 penny Mom. Me, the collector. My teacher said she had better hang on to that. I was mad. Not really mad, but since I'm the collector and not her, just a little mad."
Guess who showed up at our house after school?
Mrs. Sowards, teacher extraordinaire.
She thought it would be better to share it with Sawyer out of the classroom.
One of Sawyer's great life lessons that will shape his character and who he chooses to be.
Thank you!


LL said...

The world needs more Mrs. Sowards.

Jenny said...

VERY sweet.

shirlgirl said...

An Indian head penny! That's awesome. And, what a sweet teacher as well.I'll bet Sawyer was surprised to see her. I see that he is showing her his collection.

Bachland :) said...

You have me smiling ear to ear with this posting. What a fun thing for Sawyer and what a wonder lesson to learn. Mrs. Sowards is truly an extraordinary teacher, not only in the Classroom, but for the thoughtful consideration she gives each student. A house call from a teacher, outstanding.

Duncan Chaos said...

Good for Sawyer and the teacher. Especially to show up at the house!