Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fairland Dragons Run by the River

I can't say enough about our cross country program.
The coaches work really hard to include everybody, and they're successful as well.
One of my favorite races of the year is Fairland's home meet, "Run by the River."

The weather is always beautiful, and fall is peeking through everywhere.
The runners are a great group of kids who work hard, and have fun.

Breyer was one hot commodity, and ran everywhere!

Congratulations, Dragons!
Boys' Middle School, 1st
Boys' High School, 1st
Girls' Middle School, 2nd
Girls' High School, 2nd


Jenny said...

i would run too to get my hands on that baby!!

Duncan Chaos said...

Cross country is great, I have been to my first couple meets this week! Go Porter!