Thursday, September 15, 2011

Middle School 9/11 Moments

Colorful paper flowers blew in the wind in remembrance in front of a local middle school.

Fairland Middle School had a memorial assembly Tuesday afternoon for 9/11 victims on the front lawn of the school.

The assembly was originally planned for Friday but they did not have enough supplies. They only had 1,500 artifical flowers and needed 3,000.

The students worked all morning attaching the flowers, including roses, daisies and sunflowers to a wooden laundry clip and writing a victim’s name on the clip.

Principal Jim Roberts welcomed the student body to assembly and stressed the importance of remembering the attacks and what impact it had on America.

Even though these students didn’t remember the attacks firsthand, they still had a connection.

“It’s good that parents, the community and teachers have instilled compassion in them,” Roberts, said. “They have been taught to live it even though they haven’t experienced it.”

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shirlgirl said...

A lovely tribute to those who lost their lives. That's quite an array of flowers.